A Little Simmon (Round2)


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Ξ(ETH): -

Public Mint Date:

08 Oct 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

Ξ(ETH): Free

Maximum Supply:

5000 Total

Event Category:

  • Free Mints

Whitelist = 200 spots (free mint)
All participants must join Discord.
☀️ simmon’s time goes with us. 🌜
Distributed in 2,000 free mints and 3,000 public sale.
A Little Simmon NFT changes with us over time.
This is the first system introduced

[👧 First]
The first simmon starts at the age of 8. Look at this cute kid!
All artwork was created by artist noname.

[👩‍🦰 Update 1]
The three months of reality flow at the rate of 15 years for Simmon.
The first update will be made 3 months after launch.
At this time, Simmon transforms into a 23-year-old.
This is the time when women are most beautiful.
You don’t have to do anything. You just need to hold the Simmon NFT.
All items and artwork will be replaced with new ones.

[👩 Update 2]
And three months later, Simmon will be 38 years old.
What kind of life does she live? Would she have married?
Would she have had a cute child? Maybe she’s having a hard life?

[👩‍🦳 Update 3]
It’s been 3 months again. Simmon is now 53 years old.
Again, with every update, every artwork item is completely new.

[👵 Update 4]
Another three months have passed. Simmon’s life entered a twilight period.
She is 68 years old. A lot of things must have happened.

[🛏️ R.I.P]
Finally, a cycle of her life turned around and she’s gone.
All collections artwork will be updated. for miss the deceased

[❓What will happen?]
Some time has passed.
What happens to Simmon? To commemorate her like this
Does she remain as artwork? Or she resurrected?
Shall we start over with Little Simmon? I won’t reveal it right now.
But it’s clear that something great is about to happen!!
[ We had a successful collaboration with the following official alpha group. ]
Doodles / BAYC / Azuki CN / CloneX CN / MSC / PhantaBear / Moonbirds / VeeFriend

[ F a Q ]
Q) How will the proceeds be used?
A) A story book about Simmon’s life is published and distributed to holder groups. We also use it to continuously update our Simmon NFTs, and also buy back our NFTs in the market.
Q) When is the Reveal?
A) About 2 weeks after all minting schedules are finished
Q) When will the minting schedule be released?
A) When it is judged that all whitelists are filled and the appropriate number of people for minting has been gathered
Q) Is she really Illuminati?
A) Maybe it’s bullshit. 🤣 But I don’t know which one is true.
Whether our project succeeds or fails, if his or her identity is revealed, it is sure to have a big impact.
Q) How long will Little Simmon’s updates last?
A) Perhaps until you die, your child gets married, and his child is born again, and until the block chain technology is destroyed, Simmon grows, dies, and is reborn.
Q) Is it possible to get the whitelist as a duplicate?
A) No. You can only receive one whitelist per person. If duplicate participation or fraudulent participation is detected, you will be permanently expelled from our community and your nft will be turned into shit until you voluntarily return it.
Q) Is this project planning a rug pull?
A) We are not rug pulls or scams. If we had planned a rug pull, there are many better ways than months of trying to develop a smart contract, create artwork, and create a community. Regardless of the minting result, updates will continue.


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