AI-Backed Digital Card: Access to Alpha Community & Market Makers


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Pre-sale Date:

08 Oct 2023-10:30 pm (UTC)

Pre-sale Price:

Polygon: 200

Public Mint Date:

08 Oct 2023-10:30 pm (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

Polygon: 200

Maximum Supply:

10000 Total

Event Category:

  • Collectible

1. Compelling IP and creative:

– Something unique to the property that no one else can provide: The “Sovereign Life NFT” offers artistic, intricate, and rare designs depicting the seven Arch Angels from the Bible. Each Angel is designed with 120 layers to bring them to life, which shows a unique approach to the creative.

– In line with the brand of a larger entity:The Sovereign Life brand is described as a world-class multi-facet finance research firm. The NFTs align with the brand’s focus on combining conventional finance with blockchain technology.

2. Quality storytelling:

– Why does this item exists?
The item exists to fill a perceived gap in the NFT market, offering value-driven asset backed NFTs and a vast community for consumers and investors to access market knowledge.

– Who is this item for?
It’s for crypto enthusiasts, novice and institutional investors, NFT and art collectors, gallery owners, ultra-high net worth entrepreneurs, and asset builders.

– What is the backstory?
Sovereign Life sought to bridge a gap between financial markets and the NFT market by securing an exclusive agreement with Sovereign Edge Solutions to be the underlying utility behind the project. William Broaddus, the founder of the underlying asset Sovereign
Edge Solutions Emini ATS, he has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector.

– Who is the creative visionary behind it?
Led by a team of business experts to bring Sovereign Life to market. William Broaddus is the Founder of the underlying utility ATS technology with a team of market analysts, software techs, and researchers.

– Is it a part of a larger whole?
Yes, the NFT is a part of the broader Sovereign Life entity, which specializes in finance research and has interests in proprietary AI trading software owned by Sovereign Edge Solutions.

– What was the initial inspiration?
The inspiration came from the desire to understand the digital revolution in cryptocurrencies and NFTs and to address gaps in the market.

– How is this part of the story for the evolution of the brand itself?
The move into NFTs represents the brand’s evolution from traditional finance and commodities to the blockchain and digital asset space.

3. Added value/utility:

– Social signaling (profile avatar, exclusive certificate)The unique designs offer a status of ownership.

– Part of a broader collectionThe seven Arch Angels form a broader collection.
Access (event, community, perks)Owners get unprecedented and direct access to the world’s top financial Market Makers. There’s also access to insights, Q&As, and a private community for NFT owners.

– Exchange of physical products Mentioned is an “Exclusive Sovereign Life Shop” which might offer physical products.

– Personal/sentimentalThe Arch Angels are depicted from the Bible, adding a religious and sentimental layer of value for the Christian community.

– Commercial usage rights not explicitly mentioned in the description.

4. Build hype:

– Create awareness and buzz for your most engaged audience:The Sovereign Life NFT aims to change the NFT landscape and has already generated excitement among the team and associates.

– Promoting it to the same degree as other product/event launches:The intensity of the promotion isn’t explicitly mentioned.

– Establishing the bridge to influential voices in the “web3 community”, extension of storytelling:The Sovereign Life team combines blockchain, web 3.0, and NFTs, suggesting connections within the industry.

5. Deliver on promises:

– Follow through on any perks and product promises:The description assures direct access to world-class financial Market Makers and a private community.

– Bring owners together (IRL events, Discord):There’s mention of a private community for interactions, though specific platforms or events aren’t specified.

– Surprise and delight with unannounced incremental via Airdrop or claim: Owners can participate in a sweepstakes drawing.


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