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26 Oct 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

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10000 Total

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Aliens HD is a friendly invasion of 10,000 high-def, emoji-lovin’ aliens that hit different. Use your Ethereum wallet to guide one (or more) aliens safely to earth.
Official links for Aliens HD : Twitter / Discord / Website
10,000 aliens are landing on the Ethereum blockchain
Fair price (0.05Ξ), accessible to those new to NFTs and veterans
Every alien provides lifetime access to our coming design studio, ID8R
Nearly 300 traits, all hand drawn with an unbelievable level of detail
High definition (4k) versions of each alien available after the drop
Unique features (background not a trait), future-proof for metaverse
Experienced and doxxed founding team, driving utility-based value
CC0 traits for all but those with our logo and some special exceptions
Scroll down to learn more about our collection 👇
About the Aliens HD NFT collection
Read the backstory to the aliens arrival and love of emojis on our website .
Our team is thinking to the future with this collection and there are several features that make the collection versatile. We illustrated detailed, clean line, cartoon style graphics for the art. The aliens have been created at 4K resolution, soon after the drop we will make these available, so you can see your alien in it’s full high-definition glory.
Each alien will be unique with or without the hand trait, future proofing the design so it can be adapted for upcoming metaverse experiences like the Otherside. We chose not to include the background as a trait. It’s your alien, so you should be able to drop it into any environment or against any backdrop without losing an attribute that makes it unique. This will allow us to create many visual experiences for your alien and we are already developing cool ways to take advantage of this with the design studio we are building.
We want to make the collection accessible to NFT newcomers and veterans alike, with a mint price of 0.05Ξ.
We will be delivering a lot more value to those who hold aliens beyond the initial drop, hold tightly from mint.
Aliens HD is a community-first, high definition NFT collection from Alien Star Cloud.
About Alien Star Cloud
Are you excited by new ways to express yourself online? So are we 💚
That’s why we are building tools for you to personalise your username, avatars, and more, creating unique social graphics which tell the 🌎 who you are.
If you have multiple IDs e.g. an ENS domain, a Yat, avatars you can’t choose between, you are going to love the way we create new ways for you to combine them and express yourself.
Our vision is to combine design with web3 identities, allowing anyone to improve the aesthetics of their personal or business brand.
With doxxed founders and a growing team, exceptional advisors, and artist collaborators, we are building for the long term and plan to deliver a lot of value to Aliens HD holders.

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