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11 Sep 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): Free

Maximum Supply:

5000 Total

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  • Free Mints

A new seasonal experiment on Ethereum!
We call it NFT PVP!
Price: 2000 FREE, 3000 @ 0.0098 ETH
Brief Intro:
Two factions: Light and Dark.
One goal: Burn the enemy!
2 Factions, 2500 players on each side.
1 active character per wallet.
If you die, the NFT gets burned – Once your HP hits 0, it’s over and you can not rejoin within the season! Unless… you use consumables to restore health or have a friendly priest heal you.
Season runs for 1 month or if one side completely defeated the other.
Earn $BloodMark for kills and bounties.
Survivors are rewarded.
AllOutWar has 3 consumables to help you on the battlefield:
Heal Potions can be used to recover lost health and save you from dying.
Damage Potions boost your damage for the next 3 attacks.
Freeze Potions allow you to freeze a random enemy, or yourself…pesky slagger!
Note: While heal and damage potions can be freely be restocked from the store for 50 BloodMark each,
FreezePotions can be randomly retrieved when ranking up or killing an enemy.
BloodMarks can be earned through various ways:
If you hold a WarPass you can stake it to earn some $BM passively.
Killing other player’s gives you kill tags, each tag can be traded for $BM.
Tags also grants a slight damage boost (more tags you are carrying, the more damage you do). However, be aware, if you die you lose them all. Risk vs Reward, which will you choose?
See you on the battlefield!
More info to be released within the upcoming days about future developments/project.
Note: If you are picked as a winner, we will be checking if to see you are in the Discord and following us on Twitter. If you are not in the Discord and not following us on Twitter, a new winner will be chosen. Part of the requirement for this giveaway is to ensure you’re in the Discord and following us on Twitter. All Premint winners will be picked a few days before the Mint Date on September 11th. You will be notified if you won or were unsuccessful.


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