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Ξ(ETH): -

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31 Jan 2023-05:00 am (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.06

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Alfa Proxima Offshore Club has allocated 100 free tokens for whitelist claiming during the first hour of premint or until the total claimable token amount has been reached (which ever comes first), this is to ensure the power balance within The Alien Vote governance system (APOC’s DAO).
WhiteList Conditions
First hour of premint – Free Mint + Gas, 2 tokens max per winner in 1 claim increments
One hour after premint opens – 0.06Eth Mint + Gas, 15 tokens max per waitlisted wallets in 5 token mint increments
Sixteen hours & 30 minutes after premint opened – Premint closes & Public mint Opens at 0.11Eth + Gas, 30 tokens per wallet in 10 token mint increments
Conditions Breakdown
At the start of premint within the first hour the 100 Whitelisted wallets will be able to claim a total of 2 free tokens in 1 token increments. After the first hour of premint the remaining Waitlisted wallets & Whitelisted winners will both be able to mint 15 tokens total in 5 token increments at 0.06eth per token with nearly the gas fee of 1 token mint with our ERC-721A smart contract. After 16 hours & 30 minutes the premint closes, & public mint opens at 0.11eth per token with the ability to mint 30 tokens max in 10 token increments.
This registry will be over allocated which means there may be more whitelist winners than there are claimable tokens. During the premint & public mint our registry will not allow listings on OpenSea until this mint cycle closes. See our community marketplace for APOC Alien listings during & beyond mint cycles.
Token Access
Holding an APOC alien token grants you club membership with tiered perks, whitelisting for other upcoming projects, redeemables and a vote in the club governance.
You are entitled to one vote per token and you maintain the right to vote on proposals from the bored & community regarding but not limited to club perks, services, council representatives, new team hires, brand collaborations, club direction, club policy & governance. Tokens also allow access to our token gated discord server (for club token holders only), there you can learn about the overall club vision, enter members only giveaways & raffles, online & IRL event coordination, submit proposals for community grants & loans, and access the StarMaps (roadmaps) club updates and expansions.
More Details
For more details & to track the voyage from Proxima Centauri on our way to Earth see our position on the starmap. Remember the full mint wave StarMap is only available via discord, & access is token gated.
As a club member you get access to the services & perks the club has to offer (depending on your membership tier) as they become available through StarMap activation.
Membership tiers are based on the series of tokens you own & the traits they possess (Learn More).
For official links & smart contract address visit our open to the public discord channel.

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