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14 May 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

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10000 Total

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Freemint Opportunity !
Forge Your Guild
In Astral Dungeons, forming a guild offers unparalleled benefits. Unite with fellow players, pool resources, and conquer formidable challenges as a team, amplifying your chances of triumph in this thrilling play-to-earn blockchain adventure.
To establish a guild, players must hold an exclusive Astral Guilds NFT, a highly sought-after and valuable in-game asset. With a limited number of daily dungeon instances and guilds holding world records controlling a significant portion of this allowance, owning an Astral Guilds NFT is crucial for success.
Don’t miss out—secure your Astral Guilds NFT, rally your friends, and master the dungeons together!
Additional Perks Await:
In addition to being required for creating a guild, our exclusive NFTs unlock a range of exceptional utilities:
Beta Access: Holders of our NFTs gain exclusive early access to the game’s Beta version, allowing them to test and provide feedback on features and mechanics, helping us refine the game to perfection.
Exclusive Tournament: Participate in a special tournament reserved for NFT holders, with cash prizes, WL, and Airdrop rewards at stake. Showcase your skills and claim victory!
DAO Voting Rights: Influence the game’s development by voting on crucial decisions. As an NFT holder, your input will help shape the game’s direction and features.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy these extraordinary benefits and utilities with our exclusive NFTs, providing you with a head start in Astral Dungeons and the ability to shape its future!

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