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20 Oct 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

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USDT: 500

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USDT: 500

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5000 Total

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  • NFT Drop
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Asura is a Time Travel and community driven Infinite Gaming metaverse based on the concept of “Travel-to-earn”. The users can travel to different Eras using MetaShip and create a world of their own. The farther you travel, the more you earn.
Asura is an event-based metaverse game inspired by history, primal history, pre-history, popular non-fiction, and fiction.
Each story would feature the intersection of two points: Time Point and The Geographical Point(Location). The intersection of these two points will result in a user’s story to understand the devil’s perspective. Example: If a player chooses 50 BCE as Time Point and Rome as Geographical point, the player would become Julius Caesar and play the game to understand why Caesar did the cruel acts and why he became the first dictator of Rome. A player has to do all the brutal actions done by Caesar, like killing 400,000 innocent ghouls, and thus, by the end of the game, they get to understand Caesar’s perspective.

This intersection is a part of a Metaverse (a virtual universe). The Metaverse features a virtual world along with time travel. And a huge number of stories. Many stories will coexist within the same Time Point in other parts of the Metaverse.


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