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29 Oct 2022-03:00 pm (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.22

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7777 Total

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Atlantis World Atlanteans NFT Collection
You can find the full announcement post here 🚀
Holder Perks
Pixel Art
Just like Atlantis World, Atlanteans are first & foremost a work of art 🥰
Membership in 1 of 4 exclusive Atlantean guilds
Founding Atlantean scrolls pioneered a Web3 sorting hat by randomly assigning a metadata property corresponding to 1 of 4 social clubs with private, token-gated spaces inside of Atlantis World. This theme is returning with the upcoming Atlantean character sale to push forward the unbreakable spirit of togetherness!

AtlanteanDAO Membership
Join our mission of progressively decentralizing the grassroots, community-powered, public good metaverse in a token-gated, social citadel! Help us govern, lead & fund community-first initiatives — from events, giveaways, contributor programs to grants!

Eternal whitelist
Always be the first to hear about Atlantis World developments and activities, and get the priority access!

Token-gated prize pools
Get access to exclusive Atlantis World delegated Prize Pools — powered by PoolTogether 🌊🏆

Atlantis World ecosystem Partner Perks
Atlantis World has 50+ partners and a rapidly growing ecosystem!

Atlantis World Conference Pass
It’s on the roadmap! Imagine meeting with Atlantean frens IRL to push forward the future of grassroots community growth, ecosystem development, public goods and the mission to create sovereign individuals, build network states, protect public goods, and onboard the next decade of true people into the unstoppable, empowering world of Web3.

Exclusive Giveaways
2 Founding Atlanteans once won a trip to the Mexican Caribbean to scuba dive with CJ at the world’s 2nd largest coral reef

Loot Box
Atlanteans will lead the charge and make the history when it comes to reputational loot and fun, gamified incentives! More on that later, wen wearables!? 😏

Game character walk cycles
Starting with 2d, native to Atlantis World! 🕺

Commercial rights
A non-exclusive NFT license agreement will be issued to holders, in case they’d like to utilize their Atlantean identity in creative ways outside of Atlantis World! Inspired by the genius model pioneered by Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult .
Only a maximum of 7,777 Atlanteans in this collection will ever be minted.
1,786 will be reserved for Founding Atlanteans as an option to receive a special Founding Atlantean character for ‘burning’ their Founding Atlanteans Scroll.
If you subtract overall supply (7,777) and Founding Atlantean characters reserve (1,786), you’ll end up with 5,991 Atlantean characters for the sale.
Only (!) 5,991 Atlantean characters will be available for the sale. Period.
Each Atlantean will cost 0.22ETH, exactly what our Founding Atlanteans paid for purchasing Founding Atlanteans Magical Key (was redeemable for scroll) to support Atlantis World.
About Atlantis World
Atlantis World is building the Web3 social metaverse by connecting Web3 with social, gaming and education in one lightweight virtual world that’s accessible to everybody.
Essentially, a mobile-ready pixel metaverse that could be stored on a pen drive and played seamlessly on most devices (even an old laptop), combining social features with incentivised interactive learning to onboard users into the Web3 ecosystem.
From creating a first ever Web3 wallet, connecting to new blockchain networks for the first time, bridging assets across chains, depositing into DeFi markets, trading assets on DEXs, trading NFTs using popular marketplaces as well as displaying them in-game and voting in DAOs… all is possible inside of Atlantis World in a gamified way.
We’re building quests and designing novel, reputational and fun incentives so that users can be rewarded for interacting with and learning about these kinds of applications and use cases in-game.
Imagine every time a user is guided through the process of using a DeFi protocol by a scripted non-player character, exploring the Web3 ecosystem as an MMORPG game world, they might earn some tokens, an NFT badge or wearable or an in-game perk (such as a mount, super-power or any other kind of experience enhancer). DAOs could also leverage this to increase participation in their governance, especially when combined with other Atlantis World features like token-gating and voice chat!
The core goals of Atlantis World are essentially to onboard more users into Web3, for example from the 3.4B+ user gaming market, with interactive story-rich gameplay and intuitive, fun learning quests supported by novel, reputational incentives as well as servicing existing Web3 communities with token-gated social events and boosting participation in DAO governance.
Atlantis World believes deeply in accelerating the creation of sovereign individuals globally, equipping people with the tools they need to be financially and otherwise independent.
Website | Wiki | Play the Alpha (token gated)| Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Media Kit
Legal note / disclaimer
The terms of the NFT sale are subject to change based on community input.
Nothing in this post shall constitute or be construed as an offering of securities or as investment advice, tax advice, investment recommendations (i.e., recommendations as to whether to enter or not to enter into any transaction involving any specific interest or interests) by Atlantis World NFT Ltd or any of its affiliates.
Nothing in this post shall be construed as an offering of direct ownership in Atlantis World.
An updated, full terms & conditions will be published in due course before the date of the sale.

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