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16 Dec 2022-01:00 am (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.05

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512 Total

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The Atmos Labs team is thrilled to announce the first release of Exo gear: the Prototype Helm. Ahead of the full production run of the Genesis MKIV, Emergent Intergalactic is releasing the first collection of 512 playable, prototype Helms – styled in the fashion of the top 8 ExoGP teams.
Get Your Head in the Game
This Prototype Helm is the first collection from Emergent that features ExoGP team colors and configurations – allowing Atmosians to support their favorite teams, or find a new team to support! There are 64 possible Helm configurations for each of the 8 teams.
The Teams:
Sacred Waste
Flash Rabbits
United Miners of Atmos
Learn more about the teams and their helms here.

How to Get One
There will only ever be 512 of these super rare team prototype Helms. There will be two phases where the community may purchase one of these Helms.
Minting will take place on the proto-helm website here.
Phase 1
Community members who hold an MKIV Datacard are automatically entered into the allowlist for phase one. There will be a snapshot on Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 at approximately 9:00 AM PT, where all addresses holding at least one MKIV Datacard will be automatically added.
The mint will take place on Thursday, December 15th, 2022 at 9:00 AM PT.
During Phase 1, allowlisted addresses can mint one (1) Prototype Helm for 0.05 ETH + gas.
The first phase will last 8 hours or until the supply is exhausted.
Phase 2
If the supply does not run out in Phase 1, the next phase will open to those who have registered for the Phase 2 allowlist here. Note: Datacard holders may also register for Phase 2 if they wish. This phase will begin on Thursday, December 15th, 2022 at 5:00 PM PT.
In Phase 2, allowlisted addresses from Premint will be able to mint up to two (2) Prototype Helms for 0.05 ETH + gas.
This phase will run until the supply is exhausted.
Following the mint out of the 512 Helms, the reveal will take place on Friday, December 16th, 2022 at 12:00 PM PT.
These team Helms will be a playable asset in the ExoGP game when it is released. Owning a team’s Helm will also get you an access pass for team-related cosmetics and user profile assets to use in-game and at future Atmos digital experiences – and other team-focused challenges and events.

Meet the Teams
Choose Victory
The personal racing team of former two-time ExoGP champion, Pesh Chosen – known throughout Atmos as The Tremor from Treimoor, The Birdman of Bright Market, The Yellow Knight, and The Golden One – it has sadly been a decade since Team Chosen has had a winning season. Even so, Pesh remains a crowd favorite due to his notoriously rash brand of racing.
Legends are Forged
Genius Atmosian Exo fabricator, Heff Vulkansson, has enlisted his racing prodigy son, Oz, into the family business. Together they hope to take the ExoGP by storm, overwhelming the competition with Heff’s impeccably crafted racing suit and Oz’s preternatural ability as a pilot.
Intergalactic pharmaceutical company, Jötun, has thrown their rather substantial hat into the ExoGP ring, running a next-generation Exo suit piloted by a once in a generation talent, Rogg. With back-to-back championships under their belts, it appears that nothing can stop these off-world, corporate interlopers from dominating the Atmosian ExoGP for a third season in a row.
United Miners of Atmos (U.M.A.)
The Union Forever
Emergent’s disgruntled mine workers have put together a racing team to prove their superiority to the bosses. With deep, historic roots in Exo racing and a political chip on their shoulder to match, the UMA is proving itself to be a highly motivated and exceedingly efficient force, both on and off the racetrack.
We Rule the Skies
The official racing team of Emergent’s Huskarl security forces, there are few racers – if any – that are willing to go head-to-head against “The Red”. Notorious for starting – and finishing – brutal brawls, as well as engaging in all sorts of underhanded tactics, the only way to deal with the Ronokin is to give their racer a wide berth and pray their gunsights fall on someone else.
Sacred Waste
Blessed be the fury
Deep in the Atmosian deserts, the scavenger cults of the Sacred Waste have nominated their chosen champion. Eyes bulging and gums bleeding, he is aggression distilled and bottled, madness shook up and shot forth onto the race track. They call him Jack Nasty – for nasty is what he is.
Build Your Momentum
A fresh and disruptive player in the ExoGP, Arkitekt Racing is fronted by a budding collective of young Atmosian fabricators who have shunned the traditional gangland/corporate affiliations of the more established racing teams and come together to create one banger of a racing suit, while their pilot, Rascal Finx, is widely considered a legend in waiting.
Flash Rabbits
Fasta – Meana – Wilda
The glam gangs of Uptown have laid down their jewel-crusted hatchets and diamond-tipped rotator stilettos to back their very own racing team in the ExoGP. Dubbed the Flash Rabbits, this underworld enterprise has spared no expense on its Exo or its pilot: the wildly unpredictable and insatiably violent, Kiki Carlyle.
Disclaimer: The team reserves the right to remove entries they believe to be bots. Ascending or descending numerical email addresses, same IP Addresses, and more may result in the revocation of a registration.

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