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18 Nov 2022-05:08 pm (UTC)

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Welcome to Bizarre Octopus
Bizarre Octopus is a collection of 4,444 NFTs that reimagines the research work published by the journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, entitled: Cause of Cambrian Explosion – Terrestrial or Cosmic? in which more than 30 scientists and academics from various disciplines of the physical and biological sciences reviewed experimental and observational data during 60 years the study lasted. Based on Hoyle Wickramasinghe’s thesis on cosmic biology, they concluded that there’s a great possibility that cryopreserved octopus eggs reached Earth in ice packs several hundred million years ago, which would indicate that octopuses are from space and very possibly have evolved on other planets beyond what we could ever imagine.
The artists of @HAU538, Mexican Design Studio, based on the hypothesis that the octopus inhabiting planet earth are of extraterrestrial origin, created this collection of NFTs, mixing technology from other civilizations in the universe, with elements of our culture, fashion, and clothing to form this interstellar civilization that will now live on the Ethereum blockchain. With the billions of possibilities that exist in the cosmos, it is not far-fetched to say that these characters are real somewhere in this universe, which, to this day, continues to expand as it has since its creation billions of years ago.
What perks come with being part of @BizarreOctopus?
Exclusivity and value
The value of a Bizarre Octopus NFT will be given by the number of elements that compose them, in addition to the fact that the collection will have different levels of rarity, which will position the holders with brand recognition and exclusive benefits.
Cofounder Benefits
Each Bizarre Octopus is a collectable NFT generative, it can be used for more than just a profile pic on social media, the holder of each NFT has the commercial rights of usage for their NFT, in other words, each Bizarre Octopus can be used in a commercial manner and any other media.
High-quality merchandise
Bizarre Octopus will develop exclusive products through its brand for the project holders. This is an outstanding characteristic of the project, given that the team is intrinsically related with the digital world and wants to reflect it in the physical one. The Octo’s headlines will have a special discount on the metaverse stores, the goal is to give back an important part of the project to create a sense of belonging in our brand.
Collaborations with artists within the NFT community
Through our first collection we will analyze the possibility of inviting various artists of the community to share their own interpretations of our collection and how they would have created a Bizarre Octopus NFT within the project’s narrative.
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Mint Supply:4,444
Drop Date: October
Mint Price: 0.008 ETH
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