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31 Aug 2022-11:00 am (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.035

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Origin BAYC
During the rebellion of NFT against the spirit of the cultural era in 2021, nothing has a greater impact than bayc. Not only joined degens, artists and celebrities; Bayc has attracted the imagination of the mainstream media in an unprecedented way. The collection of 10000 apes has evolved from PNG to something bigger… Ape coin, the other side metaverse and ape Fest bring the real life activation of this native Web3 brand to a wider audience. The blyc team is also a fan and supporter of bayc.

Blyc’s vision
With the last bull market raging in 2021, a small group of collectors of bored ape Yacht Club felt that there was something wrong in this field. Every day a new project claims to be the next great thing. Everyone is paying attention to the floor price, not the important things in life. Art has become less important. Art has lost money. Art is one of the greatest things in the world, reminding people to always have a broader future. This is to remind all of us that if we do not remember the past and learn from it, we will not know where the future will go. Is art really falling? no Art always shines with the light of humanity. The blyc team knows what they should do to let art illuminate life. This is the vision of blyc.

The torrent of the times
Because people like to call the lion Simba, we prefer to call him Barclays. Everyone can see a microcosm of himself in Barclays, because he has 2222 different characteristics, different personalities and common values. Kindness, courage, justice, compassion… Who would think such lovely Barclays? When we are summoned to a higher dimension by Barclays. We feel the rhythm of quantum telepathy together, and a new consciousness awakens in the space-time we have at the same time. Towards the undeniable sense of belonging of the Web3 world. We know this is the future, and it is irreversible. In the metacosmic world, we should grow into a lion

BLYC Token
Each blyc NFT holder will receive 100 million blyc tokens for free. We have set goals and release plans for this. We have set a trigger condition: when the cumulative trading volume of opensea reaches 2000eth, we will start the airdrop snapshot, and the plan is confirmed. The time is uncertain. We will make an announcement on twitter. Please stay tuned.

Hidden egg
We will cast an additional 500 blycs, and 50 will be airdropped every day. 10 days before opensea opens the transaction, we will set up a lottery machine on our official website, and you can have 10 lottery opportunities. This is a delicious candy. For 10 consecutive days.

Community honor poap
The driving force to maintain sustainability comes from the construction of the community. We designed the first set of community poap for this purpose. It has four levels, red, green, purple and black The black medal is the glory of the community, and he has untapped privileges. We will distribute it free of charge to members who have contributed to the community.

Blyc rarity
We will introduce the honor medal system of the community into the blyc system. 10% of blyc will be awarded medals, and the highest black medal will be more rare. The charming future is worth exploring.

Blyc NFT information
Total: 2222
Max mint:4
Mint price:0.035
Mint time:2022-8-31 11:00 UTC

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