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12 May 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

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🇺🇸 If you’re interested in giving back to Disabled American Veterans, who have given so much

🖼️ If you’re an artist, collector, or enthusiast

🏆 If you simply enjoy competition, and winning prizes

🕹️ (or strategy, or gaming in general)

⛓️ If you believe in the future the blockchain has to offer

🧐 If you’re curious about NFTs/blockchain gaming, but 🤨🤔😵‍💫 on moving into a new & confusing space, and want to learn or practice in a safe, contained, positive, & educational way..
Vet or civilian, techie or servant, gamer or builder: you’re among friends.
Join the Discord, and start connecting with people who give a #Bucc.

#NFTGame #Blockchain #Web3
Service for those who’ve served. Giving those who’ve given. Learning, and having fun in the process. Winning whether you win or not.
Starter steps:
1.) Following and engaging with The twitter account (+🔔 for early updates).
2.) Then, click 👉 Buccaneers.io.
3.) There you’ll find a link to our Discord community.
4.) After joining, you’ll meet some very knowledgeable, very good people who want to help.
5.) Research security, compare digital wallet offerings, and weigh your options for currency/exchanges.

But really, since we’re 💯% transparent (kind of a thing here), here’s an insider tip 🤫😉
There’s only one ☝️ one step you need to take:
Check us out for yourself, follow our project, & reach out directly if you need help.
Ask questions. Use whatever communication medium you’re comfortable using!
We’re happy (and frankly, eager) to help illuminate, clarify, & speak to any and all concerns you may have.
We’ll do our best to answer you in plain terms!
Digital Art Brokers (DAB) is a blockchain and NFT gamification company dedicated to creating
unique gaming experiences while giving back through charitable partnerships.
Buccaneers of the Blockchain (BotB) is DAB’s first project, created in partnership with the national
nonprofit organization DAV (Disabled American Veterans). BotB is a crypto-based game that allows
players to learn the basics of blockchain gaming and engage in a transparent support system for
disabled veterans – all while competing to earn real money.
BotB is the first piece of a larger project aiming to illustrate DAB’s gamified model of service that
re-imagines the donor/recipient relationship. DAB has plans to offer a host of experiences to offer
another space where community-building and Web3 experience(s) can expand.
DAB is committed to transparency, charitable impact, and providing unique gaming experiences.
DAB’s ultimate objective is to utilize Web3, NFTs, and blockchain-based technologies to provide
community value and initiate participation. Achievement of this will be satisfied by coding
service into its tech, re-imagining “traditional” models of charitable giving, and
re-conceptualizing the donor/recipient paradigm.
BotB’s partnership with DAV is an example of DAB’s mission to do great while doing great. Players
can enjoy a fun and competitive gaming experience while contributing to a worthy cause.
Game Overview:
BotB is a battle-card strategy game that combines choice-driven narrative features and programmed
charitable impact. All in-game transactions are visible throughout the two-week experience,
ensuring complete transparency for the players. The game’s smart contracts guarantee a higher
reward, unique to the NFT space: programmatically-assured charitable impact. Winning gamers will
have the option to share their “spoils” with DAV for further impact.
Charitable giving on the blockchain offers the promise of complete transparency. DAB has
guaranteed that promise by disallowing human intervention in BotB’s contract-cemented code. The
game’s strict parameters and automated controls circumvent “trust-based” agreements, which are
vulnerable to human error, greed, or changeability. BotB self-monitors by way of a system built on
total transparency.
BotB’s core objective is to do great while doing great. It challenges the existing NFT gaming
community, the crypto-curious, and even the most skeptical crypto critics to get involved. Players
will be empowered, entertained, and educated while supporting a truly deserving cause.
Partnership with DAV:
DAV empowers veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. It is dedicated to a single
purpose: keeping our promise to America’s veterans. DAV ensures that veterans and their families
can access the full range of benefits available to them, fights for the interests of America’s injured
heroes on Capitol Hill, provides employment resources to veterans and their families, and educates
the public about the great sacrifices and needs of veterans transitioning back to civilian life.
DAB has committed 25% (from mint) & 40% (of in-game purchases) of all BotB revenues to DAV, and
any action performed within the game will result in further contribution. DAV CEO Mark Burgess is
thrilled to partner with a great start-up company like DAB.
DAB Head Developer Josh Ferguson has stated that bringing the DAV’s purpose forward and into
the blockchain space would demonstrate the far-reaching potential of the blockchain to support
DAV in a wildly new and meaningful way – adding that he and the team anticipate great things to
In BotB, “Cards” or “player game pieces” are NFTs, and their value appreciates the more the game is
played. Buccaneers in BotB have three categories of stats: physical, mental, and spiritual, and belong
to one of three classes (human, cyborg, and robot), each starting out with the same stats for the 1st
iteration. Battles are initiated by any player at any time. The game also features a defense mode that
grants players an increased chance of winning if they are attacked.
Interactive elements and battle outcomes are determined by the game’s programming and informed
by player choices. All actions carry a small cost, and the game continuously distributes these
amounts to its main three pools: DAV, the treasure chest (prize), and DAB (BotB’s team).

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