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16 Feb 2023-08:00 pm (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.33

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800 Total

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Chainspace is a “200% onchains” experimental, conceptual art project — it’s a high-functionality digital artifact that will live as long as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
MINTING Thurs 2/16 @ 12pm PT
Built by ElRanye and Timshel, with heroic support from Iain on contract design and LootHero on node-wrangling.
TLDR = Chainspace is a “200% on chains”, web3-native a way to show our humanity, our faces, and our essence…without doxxing. Like a fully on-chain, web3-native Snapchat filter that will live forever (or at least until the end of BTC).
In chainspace, you are the art. And every viewing is a 1:1.
Each NFT is a “portal” to Chainspace, inscribed to BTC and mirrored to ETH through a custom Zora contract.
That means each NFT lives fully onchain on BTC, but…is mintable and tradeable on ETH!
Not as a “copy” of it with separate art, but where the ETH NFT actually renders the corresponding BTC NFT from the BTC Inscription ID via the ETH NFT’s TokenURI.
Anyone with a node can spin up an endpoint that renders these Portals directly from Bitcoin. Today we’re pointing the ETH mirrored NFTs at the BTC endpoint, but anyone can decode and render these “Inscriptions” directly from the BTC transaction log for as long as BTC lives.
And since each ETH NFT is tethered and bound to its BTC counterpart, the intention is to set up a model such that you can take custody of the BTC inscription with your BTC wallet when you’re ready, or you can just keep it on ETH.
Deeply inspired by Mathcastles, this project brings the incredible Mathcastles font onchain (self contained within every portal!) along with the character sets and color palettes that we all love. This is not a “Mathcastles” project, but inside the hypercastle, we manifested the dream of chainspace. Thank you to 0x113d and the Terraforms community for opening our eyes to the magic and possibilities of eternal art. Join Mathcastles here.
Will mint here:
*** This is a personal, experimental art project. No promises, no roadmap, no guarantees.

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