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24 Oct 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

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This is a public raffle for a presale spot on the Chillennials’ Chilllist and a chance at a FREE MINT. You must follow @ChillennialsXYZ on twitter, and have .025E in your wallet.
About The Project: The Chillennials are a generation laden with debt, rising inflation, a climate crisis, a housing shortage, an economic shutdown, and a global pandemic. We aren’t defined by an age cohort, but by the fact that the Boomers traded our futures away for a few extra cucks. Yet here we are, chill AF, and in the most ironic turn of events, it’s our ability (and their inability) to use the internet that will usher in the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. WAGMI.
The Team: We’re currently a team of two – one founded & sold a notable web2 company that touts ~100M users, $20M/yr rev, and ranks in the top of it’s category in the App Store, the other is producing & directing a major animated hit series on Nickelodeon and Paramount+. Together we built the Chillennials, but this is just the pilot episode. We’re building the series.
Chillennials have college debt, net worths, jobs, stress, and boomer parents who can barely use the internet and constantly call us for tech support. F***CK! Mom. TRY GOOGLING!
Learn more about Chillennials here.
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