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05 Sep 2022-06:07 am (UTC)

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Mister Pink’s ship lay broken in the scorching alien sun. If he couldn’t find shelter in his Pink Prospector SUV before it lost power, he’d be finished. He issued a voice command, ’Scan area for life.” The PPSUV jumped into action beneath him as he checked its readouts.

When he’d observed this planet from orbit, it had looked like home; Planet #WX617 in the Leuka galactic region. But so far he’d seen none of the Pink society he’d grown up in.
All he’d found was a disappointment.

He’d almost given up when suddenly – something new.
“Life detected, 50 meters below surface level”.

He ordered the PPSUV to tunnel down. Slowly they descended, until breaking through the roof of… sewers? He dropped hard onto the floor of a huge hall.

Mister Pink stepped out of the Prospector – dumbfounded at what was around him.

The hall was packed full of people just like him. Except – very different. They were the same shape but, not just pink – but of every color? Clearly, he’d crashed a celebration – he could make out banners hanging above the stages –‘1000 years of Unity’ and ‘Praise The Uprising’

Mister Pink’s World was about to get a lot more colorful!!!

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