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22 Oct 2023-04:00 am (UTC)

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SOL: 0.5

Maximum Supply:

2000 Total

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  • Sport

The week 7 football matchup on ClubStubs features DETROIT vs BALTIMORE on Sunday October 22 at 1:00 ET — Mint Stubs for your team the week before kickoff!

Minting will close once teams are sold out or the game begins IRL, whichever happens first. Claims (in SOL) for the winning team’s Stub-holders will be offered shortly after the game!

ClubStubs is a digital sports collectibles platform built on Solana that features a unique rewards system, with games that are tied to real-world matchups.

Stubs on ClubStubs are NFTs on the Solana blockchain, and feature distinct artwork for every team. In a game, each team has its own batch of Stubs that are available to mint for about one week leading up to the game, and then may be bought and sold within each game’s marketplace once the game begins in real life.

Nearly all SOL that fans use to purchase Stubs goes back into the Airdrop Pool for the corresponding game — to be offered back to Stub-holders of the winning team via Claims.

A few things make ClubStubs especially awesome:

— ClubStubs is fair and transparent. There are no opportunities for users to pay for advantages, and admins always post game results and activate Claims quickly after each game.

— ClubStubs creates value for digital assets in novel ways by offering cryptocurrency from Stub transactions back to its users.

— Claim amounts (for winning team Stubs) are always worth more than the mint price. During the prior football season, the average Claim was worth 193% of its Stub mint price!

— Whereas most NFT concepts offer risky upfront investments for a hope of future utility and value, ClubStubs launched as a fully-operational platform from day one.

— ClubStubs conveniently uses SOL throughout the platform, rather than requiring any complex token swaps.

For a full rundown of how Stubs work, check out the video at ClubStubs.com/how-it-works.

Join the ClubStubs discussion on Discord, where we talk about future updates such as a mobile version, Stub management tools, and more!


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