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20 May 2023-04:00 am (UTC)

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The CWS ecosystem is a captivating NFT DeFi game centered around the majestic whale shark . Inspired by the marine ecosystem , it brings together various components, including tokens, NFTs, islets, and habitats, to create a vibrant and sustainable world.

The whale shark serves as the keystone species in the CWS ecosystem, symbolizing balance. Similar to the role of whale sharks in natural ecosystems, the Whale Shark token maintains balance and diversity within the CWS ecosystem. It indirectly and directly influences the behavior and populations of other tokens within the system. The ownership of Whale Shark NFTs allows access to specific areas within the ecosystem, such as The Pirates Booty Bay and The Mangrove Lagoon which are token streams that redirect a portion of the proceeds from Whale Shark NFT sales to NFT holders.

The Plankton token also plays a fundamental role in the ecosystem, just as plankton does in the ocean . Acting as the foundation of the CWS ecosystem, the Plankton token supports the entire ecosystem by serving as a base currency. It features a Fee of Transfer (FoT) or transfer tax, which charges a fee for each transfer and redistributes a portion of the fees to various parties. Token holders receive reflections in the form of wBTC, generating a continuous loop where the Plankton token generates wBTC from sales and trades.

The CWS ecosystem comprises a network of smart contracts known as islets and habitats. Islets represent larger and more established smart contracts, while habitats encompass non-token contracts and related parts of the CWS ecosystem. These smart contracts work in harmony to maintain balance and sustainability. For example, the Shipwreck Reef contract acts as a splitter for NFT royalties, distributing them to The Pirates Booty Bay, the deployer, the token treasury, and the harvester. The Pirates Booty Bay contract incentivizes holding NFTs and creates a price floor for them, rewarding users based on the number of NFTs they hold.

Additionally, within the CWS ecosystem, we have the Wilderness Islets, where the Plankton token is distributed, and the Natural Reserve Islets, which serve as protected areas distributing wETH and other vital tokens. The wilderness islets provide the ideal environment where the magnificent CWS whale sharks can gather and feed on abundant plankton .

The CWS ecosystem is designed to create a compelling and immersive experience, with elements of gameplay, tokenomics, and decentralized finance. By mimicking the balance and interactions found in the natural marine ecosystem, it offers users the opportunity to engage with a unique and sustainable NFT DeFi game.


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