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27 Sep 2022-08:00 pm (UTC)

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Cyber Punk ETH ⚡️
Tactical game in $ETH with 3 unique classes which will help you survive and earn in the brutal Night City

Hidden in the slums of the immense Night City Superpolis lies a valuable and super rare resource – $NEON . Humans from all Superpolis outskirts flock to it hoping to get some of its supplies, but dissenters lurk in the dark alleys ready to steal all the mined wealth. Cyborgs are neutral in this confrontation and provide support to both sides.
Among Night City residents, everyone will find $NEON highly essential.
The problem is, the humans were not the only ones that were interested in these fabulous alleys full of $NEON . Some malicious people went to the city, who will try to kidnap the humans.. They’re called Implants.
Although the common reputation of Implants is that they are psychopaths who want to kidnap poor humans, their real intentions are actually to steal as much $NEON as possible and recruit humans to their ranks. Even their ability ‘Hacking’ is designed to empty pockets of everyone else.
The Implants usually keep watching for the city edges. As long as you keep searching for $NEON it should be fine, but if you try to escape ( harvest ) or enter the city ( mint ) there is a chance an Implant find you and kidnap you, be careful.
Whatever will happen, one thing is certain, whether it is Human, Implant, or Cyborg, everyone is going to become rich thanks to the incredible value of $NEON on the black market.

Characters game mechanics
Human – most common residents of Night City and will make up the majority of all teams! Their ability is to earn 10000 $NEON per day on the streets of Night City.
Implant – bionic advanced people who, due to implants, earns 20% of $NEON taxes from Humans harvest and also can use Hacking abilities.
Cyborg – rarest, strongest and most influential residents of Night City who have embarked on the path of complete cybernetization, after which there is almost nothing left in their humanity.

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