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25 Nov 2022-08:00 am (UTC)

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Welcome to the Allowlist for The Doge Academy!
The Doge Academy, the Peoples Academy, is an educational Web3 Project focused on bringing knowledge and WOW to the metaverse, multiverse, and beyond.
Here’s what’s included in the first semester of the Doge Academy
Access to a 8 week live expert instructor led class on how to build and deploy an NFT collection with an NFT certification upon completion. Link to Syllabus!
One of a kind, hand crafted profile picture NFT based on real historical items and figures, this NFT will act as your pass to participate in the course, and holders will receive a 50% discount on future semesters.
Private tutoring on demand by expert on on resume writing, career advice, landing jobs, and professional development
Community selected coursework voting rights: Students will select next semesters coursework via blockchain voting process

The first semester of The Doge Academy will feature a live course on how you can launch your own NFT collection, the 8 week course will be from December to January, with video recording & office hours for those that couldn’t make the class! The experimental pilot semester is funded by The Doge Academy’s generative profile picture NFT collection which will also act as the pass for the course in our discord. Each NFT trait is deeply researched, and were hand drawn by an exceptionally talented female Ukrainian artist. Being in the first generation mint will also allow you to receive a discount for the next semester! The Doge Academy received funding from The Doge NFT and is part of their discord server & community.
Feel free to hop in the academy chat in discord and ask any questions or provide any feedback you would like (Link: ),
One key note note is that if you hold a Doge NFT Pixel, you are eligible for a free Doge Academy PFP NFT (Up to 200)!
Mint a pixel here:
Register for free mint here

The Doge Academy PFP Utility:

The key utility for the first semester is gaining access to a 10 week live expert instructor led class on how to build and deploy an NFT collection.
Need a job? Go get one! DogeKing is an expert in all things recruiting. He’s helped more people get jobs than @greg16676935420 has ratioed. Doge Academy NFT holders get access to DogeKing’s regular classes on resume writing, career advice, professional development. He’ll even help you use LinkedIn, you know that platform you can’t unsubscribe from, no matter how hard you try?
Weekly Historical Classes. Learn about The Berlin Wall, The Great Wall of China, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and The Debt Ceiling*. Experts are brought in each week to profess and discuss different moments in history. Hosted on Twitter Spaces, so you can learn while you cope.
*Probs not gonna touch the last two tbh.
Community Selected Coursework: Each semester, Doge Academy NFT holders get to vote on a high quality in-depth course. We are partnering with JokeDAO to use their on chain voting and governace process, so holders will be able to use voting tokens which are distributed based on the number of Doge Academy PFPs you hold.

As always, feel free to DM me on twitter at @thedogeacademy and hop into our discord and say hello! If you have any technical question please open a support ticket ^^

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