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Project's Details:
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Pre-sale Date:

11 Oct 2022-12:00 pm (UTC)

Pre-sale Price:

Ξ(ETH): 0.042

Public Mint Date:


Public Mint Price:

Ξ(ETH): 0.069

Maximum Supply:

10000 Total

Event Category:

  • NFT Launch

Elfooz is a collection of 10,000 magical Elfs stored on the Ethereum blockchain, And they are born in a magical land called the Elfhood. The Elfhood has been hidden from society and have forever been known to be a myth. One day a curious Elf named Leavo decides to do the forbidden and open the magical gates of Elfhood and cross to the Otherside.

The Elfooz community have been following the Elfhood code very strictly and they have lived happily for years. When Leavo dared to do what no other Elf did, they put out a reward for his capture so the rest of the community would not consider breaking any other rules. The Elfooz will start their journey searching for Leavo and earning the reward.

We have taken the strict code approach in building our community, we want to build a strong community that really supports each other in building this space making it a place we would all call home.

The Elfooz project incorporates a story based theme and an interactive game we call (Where’s Leavo?) Which will take place on the Otherside and IRL (XR), Each playing a vital role in creating a fun and entertaining environment for everyone.

The Elfhood community will be following pieces of the story released to use as clues to finding Leavo on the Otherside land and gain the rewards. The reward mechanism was built on a new concept we call Find-2-Earn F2E Each time a player finds the hiding character they will be rewarded with ELFCOIN.


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