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Ξ(ETH): -

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31 Jan 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 1.65

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By registering you will enter into a raffle for the whitelist for our upcoming genesis presale.
Our Whitelisters will have guaranteed access to the genesis mint of both HydroMiners and Elixir NFTs at a discounted mint price.
If you do not win the whitelist raffle you will automatically enter into the waitlist.

“Super Legendary” is the highest Rank in the HydroMiners you can mint, to obtain a Super, must be 1 of 20 to mint directly from presale/public, or be 1 of the top 20 collective genesis holders upon mint out of GEN3.

Why become a HHMC HydroMiner?

Earn Monthly Rewards in Bitcoin/Kadena: Our Rewards wallets consist of up to 60% BTC and up to 50% Kadena of all crypto mined. Rewards will be calculated by the rarity of your HydroMiner NFT that can be upgraded at your own pace through Evolving. Rewards will be able to be claimed once claim goes live.

Participate in our Affiliate Pools
Affiliate Bonus Pools are unlocked by HydroMiner holders that contribute to the Community by helping spread the word and these rewards are calculated based on actual contribution to the community growth.

Level 1 – 5% Pool
Level 2 – 2% Pool
Level 3 – 3% Pool

***You are not required to participate in Affiliate Pools to receive Direct Monthly Mining Rewards.

What can you MINT?
Hydro Hippos is bringing in a total of 500 Whitelist spots into our main collection. 🚀

HydroList (500)
HydroMiners are the most important piece of HHMC utility, providing access to exclusive utility while generating monthly rewards to its holders. When paired with GEN1 and GEN2 you have increased voting power, and multipliers for Hydro Miner of the Month.

Hash by Rarity
Hydro Miner of the Month
Earn additional rewards when one of your Hydro Miners is selected for Hydro Miner of the Month. Get immediate access to up to 1 Mining rig worth of hash-power per GEN3 you hold, or with a combination of GEN2/GEN3 up to a maximum of 10 mining rigs for that month.
Hydration Elixir
Provide your HydroMiners increased hydration with this drink after a hard day at work and watch your Miners gain additional hashpower.

Legendary HydroMiners
Be one of the first Upgraded Legendary HydroMiners and unlock the most powerful hashpower pools available. You will need to Evolve 4 Epic HydroMiners minted or traded to reach Legendary Status.

About Project
Hydro Hippos Mining Club is a Utility Driven ecosystem and community building the largest Renewable sustainable, deflationary passive rewards project in the web3 space through Proof of Work Crypto Mining & Self Hosting.

You will need to connect your ETH wallet to the PREMINT site, but this is only to register for WL, it is not a blockchain transaction and will not incur a gas fee.

Whitelisting Perks

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