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04 Apr 2022-11:00 am (UTC)

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20000 Total

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NFT Launch
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Loot is an on-chain NFT, a project by Dom Hofmann, that consists of list of 8 randomized adventurer gear items as white texts on a black background. Loot allows the community to build whatever they want on top of Loot.

HyperLoot visualizes all the adventurer gear items inside a Loot bag as actual items on the HyperLoot character. We turn text-based items of Loot into an actual game-ready and metaverse-ready HyperLoot character to be used.

To put things into perspective, if we refer Loot as a lego block that allows anyone to build on top of, HyperLoot is a layer-2 lego building block on top of Loot. Loot provides the foundation of the items. HyperLoot provides the arts and a character to use those items.

Doubling down on the concept of Loot, HyperLoot is lauching as CC0 (public domain) and will be open source to maximize the freedom of creativity that the community and companies can build on top of HyperLoot.

We turn text-based items into real items
The items – chest, foot, hand, head, neck, ring, waist, and weapon – equipped on the HyperLoots are based on items inside your Loot, mLoot, and Genesis adventurer bags. Every single HyperLoot is unique.

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