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31 Aug 2022-12:30 pm (UTC)

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IDA fantasy Castle NFT was created and released by the UK fck Game Association.
Essential information:
Total: 2100
Max mint:3
Mint price:0.04
Mint time:2022-8-31 12:30 UTC

Background story:
There is a kingdom where people can live and work in peace and contentment. All this is due to maintaining the sacred geometry, the source of various energy resources in the kingdom.
Sacred geometry) has been hidden in secret places as a source of energy, only to maintain the operation of the Kingdom and not known to outsiders.
However, one day, Princess IDA of the king found the cube that preserved the sacred geometry. Princess IDA was young and ignorant and took the cube away. Once the “sacred geometry” cube is taken away, the kingdom will turn upside down. Because the cube is the source of energy, princes and ministers who need to draw energy every day, including the king, will die after the energy is exhausted. Although civilians will not die of exhaustion, they will become black crows under the influence of energy changes.
The only special case is the wizard who protects the country. Although the energy is beginning to run out, he has his own magic body. For the time being, he will not be destroyed, but he can only exist as a ghost body. The wizard saw all this. Although he was extremely angry, he forgives Princess IDA and instructs Princess IDA to return the cube, hoping to save the disaster. After regretting her sorrow, Princess IDA decided to try her best to recover her mistakes and bravely enter the kingdom. In the process, she met wizards many times. On the surface, the wizards were scolding, but after being angry, they all pointed out the way forward consciously or unconsciously.
In addition to the wizard, there is also a helper, that is, when the disaster occurs, the little prince who came from a distant country and intended to propose to Princess IDA turns into a totem in the disaster. The little prince liked Princess IDA at the beginning and decided to do his best to help her when he learned that Princess IDA intended to redeem his sins.
On her way through the maze, Princess IDA passed through the royal mausoleum, presented flowers to the king, wept and confessed, vowed to complete the return of the cube, and redeemed her mistakes. After experiencing many crises and breaking through the Kingdom, Princess IDA finally returned the sacred geometric cube to its original position.
At this time, because the resentment of the surviving people turned into black crows, they finally forgiven Princess IDA when they saw Princess IDA’s actions. Their resentment disappeared and they were affected by the “sacred geometry” of returning to their original position. The black crows became colorful birds. Although they could not return their human form, it was much better than being black crows. They could leave the Kingdom, but Princess IDA could not fly. At this time, they realized that Princess IDA was going to die, In fact, it was the wizard who cast his magic to keep Princess IDA alive for the time being, but Princess IDA has actually turned into a ghost body.
“Sacred geometry” could not make Princess IDA turn into a bird. At that time, the dead king decided to forgive Princess IDA in the sky and handed down the crown to let Princess IDA inherit the throne. Princess IDA was finally able to turn into a white bird and lead everyone to leave the kingdom.

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