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03 Apr 2022-02:00 pm (UTC)

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SOL: 0.69

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2022 Total

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NFT Launch
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The Legend of the Imperial Tiger

For centuries, the Imperial Tigers lived in peace. This hench, but peaceful, community experienced generations upon generations of exponential growth in their economy, happiness and life fulfilment.

Legend even says that these Imperial Tigers are gifted with magical abilities…

However, in the year of 2022, a portal was opened into a mysterious universe. They called it web3. Curious to learn more, King Tyger IV ventured into the portal.

To his horror, an evil circus ring leader was waiting on the other side and immediately put him into a cage.

What followed was horrendous. The evil circus ring leader and his compatriots ventured through the portal and imprisoned all the remaining 2021 Imperial Tiger population.

One day, an unwell and young boy stumbled across one of these circus shows and saw these poor Imperial Tigers being mistreated and abused.

In a desparate attempt to free them, he offered all the Solana he had been saving up for his medication to save the Tigers (0.69 to be exact).

Cunning as he is, the circus ring leader agreed to free just one Imperial Tiger, and so the boy chose to free King Tyger IV.

Fast forward to today and 3 more Imperial Tigers (Royal Tiger, 虎二 and 虎王大哥) have been freed by this noble boy.

Seeing his kindness, the Imperial Tigers have used their magical abilities to bring the boy wealth, happiness and health. This is what they call 虎進金來

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