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05 Jun 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

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We’re printing a limited run of “dollar bills” that will NEVER be subject to the inflationary tactics of Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Who are you?
I’m Batman. JK. IYKYK.

That’s your name?
IYKYK. You got it.

IYKYK. Got it. That’s your name. But who are you?
Anonymous creators that use NFTs to make fun of NFTs.

Why would you do that?
We want to make NFTs fun again. Let’s laugh at ourselves and the world of NFTs.

Who has done this outside of the NFT space?
Duchamp —readymade objects criticizing art.
Banksy —graffiti criticizing the “establishment.”
MSCHF — products criticizing consumerism.
Southpark — television criticizing pop culture.

IYKYK—NFTs criticizing NFTs.

Do you not believe in NFTs?
We will believe in them.

How often will you release NFTs?
One brand new NFT will be dropped every month.

How do you tie them all together?

Each collection is unique and intentionally incoherent from one another.

They can take any form — sometimes a 1/1 real-life sculpture or an open-edition NFT. It doesn’t matter because nothing matters.

Who are you going after?
Everything and everyone.

What do you hope to achieve?
We want to make art accessible to all.

How does that jive with a $1M piece?
“All” includes those with $1M to spend.

How will you get the word out?
We won’t. We drop in silence.

Who are your influences?
The Witness Protection Program
Chat Room Perverts
Gas Station Pillz
Ricki Lake
Pepsi Blue
Beanie Babies
Pog Slammers
The Gazelle Glider
Chainmail forwards
A middle seat on a Spirit flight leaving Las Vegas early Sunday morning

Where can people find you?

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