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What is Kingdoms of Ether?
A CC0 and web3 open-sourced franchise.
Kingdoms of ether is an open-sourced franchise and a contemporary fantasy world. The project is an ever-evolving digital world that merges medieval elements with contemporary trends to create a narrative inhabited by knights, archers, and wizards of Ether.
At the core of the project, we have developed The Armory. An ever-expanding open-sourced library of digital assets and resources for creators and the community to use to collaboratively expand the World of Ether.
Intellectual Property, Countless Heroes
Fantasy literature has a strong tradition of reincarnating archetypical characters from previous stories. In the case of Arthur who is arguably at the core of all of western fantasy, this is made explicit. Warcraft’s Arthas, Tolkien’s Aragorn, Robert Jordan’s Artur Hawkwing and Game of Thrones’ Robert Baratheon are all based on Arthur who in turn is based off Alexander the Great.
Fantasy’s explicit relation to past works makes it an excellent basis for a project that seeks to challenge the notion of intellectual property. Kingdoms of Ether sees itself as a stepping stone that reappropriates past works and encourages future works to in turn reappropriate themselves.
The Kingdoms of Ether Collection
The Adventurers are true 3D characters all rendered in 4K directly from Blender.
Within the collection, we have 21 Legendary Adventurers. These are the foundational characters of the Kingdoms. A majority of these are reincarnated CC0 characters like Lancelot, Saint George, Merlin, Robin Hood, Morpheus, and Alice in Wonderland to mention a few.
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