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31 Aug 2022-08:00 am (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.05

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3333 Total

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Kuaibo labs tips:
1. Kuaibo labs was established in October 2021, with its headquarters in Singapore.
2. We are an entrepreneurial team composed of 50 Web3 software engineers from many countries. Among them, we recruited many engineers from the original China express company.
3. Our entrepreneurial direction is still Web3 video playback software, which is our familiar field
4. It is our company’s principle to respect copyright and use it legally, although we may pay huge fees for it
5. The past experience is both suffering and wealth, which is the motivation for us to start anew
6. It is our goal to provide 1 billion users with practical and friendly web video playback software.
7. Thank Web3 for bringing us a brand-new entrepreneurial opportunity and making us run together.
8. We are not the original China express company, and have nothing to do with the original China express company. Please don’t take your seat according to the number.
Everything about kuaibo robot NFT

1. The design inspiration comes from the Tetris game, which is a game software with 2 billion users.
2. The ambition of Tetris is very similar to that of fast broadcasting, with a large user scale and a simple ultimate experience.
3. Most of the engineers in our team are loyal users of Tetris
4. Thanks to coco, the talented designer of our team. As young designers who have been around for nearly 100 years, they know more about Post-00.
5. Kuaibo robot NFT is more important to convey a belief, firmness, warmth and love!
6. We have released 3333 NFTs, and the part that cannot be completed in the public sale will be permanently destroyed
Basic information of kuaibo robot NFT
total 3333
Mint price: 0.05
Maximum Mint: 4
Open casting date: 2022-8-31 8:00 UTC
Website: http://kuaibi.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kuaiborobot
White list application link: https://tpremint.xyz/kuaibo
Purchaser restrictions:
Citizens / residents of Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, USA, Canada, Australia and other regions are prohibited from applying
1.Kuaibo Labs 成立于2021年10月份,总部位于新加坡。
关于Kuaibo Robot NFT的一切
5.Kuaibo Robot NFT更重要的是传递一种信念,坚定,温暖,爱!
Kuaibo Robot NFT 的基本信息
公开铸造日期:2022-8-31 8:00 UTC
禁止中国大陆 中国香港 中国澳门 美国 加拿大 澳大利亚等地区公民/居民申请.

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