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30 Mar 2023-04:00 pm (UTC)

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1000 Total

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Through immersive lore and quests, we’re telling the tale of five orphan birds, all of different species, who must rely upon themselves and each other to survive.
Memorable stories begin with memorable characters. To that end, we have commissioned a fun video and character art that conveys the tone for the main characters of our story. Visit our website to explore the premise and characters further.
Our short-term goal is to bootstrap a small treasury that will support us in
Building a new kind of quest-aware PFP
Crafting the first season of an exciting and unique episodic story
Enriching the story with on-chain quests and casual games
👉 Genesis Mint Pass
1000 Genesis Mint Passes will be made available for purchase.
Contains a short video by Atrium NFT (find the hat-tips to a number of beloved projects)
Mint Pass holders will receive a free pixel-art Lil Birbs PFP at launch, and have a voice in the future of the project through governance of the Lil Birbs DAO.

👉 Lil Birbs NFT
A 10k pixel art PFP, but with a few twists.
Each PFP will be quest-aware, meaning that health, xp, and inventory accumulated in quests will be stored and queryable in the NFT itself.
3,333 Lil Birbs will be available for minting at launch. The remaining 6,667 will be minted via daily auctions thereafter.
Holders will be able to participate in Lil Birbs DAO governance via proposals and voting.
There will be 5 types, representing the species of our main lore characters.
👉 Lore & Quests
Quests are casual games that will let you teach your Lil Birbs to fly, socialize, and survive.
Our lore will be written and released in episodic fashion, with season and episode arcs that are fleshed out in a writers room, much like a TV series. This will allow us to plan quests that drop with each episode and are tightly coupled to the story.

We plan to invite new game designers for each quest, to mix up the style and mechanics.

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