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16 Dec 2022-04:00 pm (UTC)

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Modernist is a growing digital membership community created for and by builders, artists, creators, brand partners, and diamond-hand investors, who collectively focus on Web3 innovation while having fun. As a member you enjoy 5 key utility benefits:

1. Connect: Network with industry creatives and co-investors helping each other succeed

2. Create Upside: 3 collections in one program with unique trading concept via NFT splits

3. Enjoy Perks: Marketplace with staking discounts on premium partner utility products

4. Grow Yourself: Start-up incubator that focuses on helping you grow as entrepreneur

5. Own The Future: Exclusive holder-only voting rights, airdrops, and mint privileges

The Modernist playbook integrates three collections in a gamified and interactive roadmap allowing members to remix art and music blocks. It is designed to build community strength and drive member value. The concept follows 3 core community building principles:

Level 1 – Personal Commitment
Mint ACCESS TOKENS to enter the world of Modernist and position yourself with a portfolio of premium Level 1 NFTs that will benefit you in Level 2 (Genesis Collection)

Level 2 – Member Interaction
Claim 4 PLAYER TOKENS for each access token you hold, swap and collect player tokens with other members to build out matching Modernists – qualify for level 3 (Splits Collection)

Level 3 – Collective Power
Swap 4 matching player tokens to claim VIP TOKENS that unlock access to the club level, various reward raffles, and enter a decentralized start-up incubator program (VIP Collection)

Overview in Discord

We pride ourselves on having built a very strong and loyal community foundation that moves together as a unit. In order to grow our community with quality members, we open mints in batches to pay to your onboarding.

Mints happen along six iterations – Total Memberships 9724:
Batch 1 – 0.08Ξ SOLD-OUT – Supply 724
Private Mint with additional Club Pass

Batch 2 – 0.085Ξ SOLD-OUT – Supply 700
Founding Members with Mint Rewards

Batch 3 – 0.04Ξ MINTING 12/16/22 – Mints 1,444
First Public Growth Mint

Batch 4 – 0.05Ξ – Planned Mint Mid January 2023
Batch 5 – 0.06Ξ – Planned Mint Mid February 2023
Batch 6 – 0.07Ξ – Planned Mint Mid March 2023

1. You can mint 5 NFTs per wallet. Please register more wallets to mint more. This allows us to create healthy market dynamics.
2. In case of over allocation we will keep the mint open 2X at the promised price

Modernist is THE ONLY collection that can integrate 44 utility partner NFTs within the playbook over time, offering exclusive and luxury gains. Holders’ benefits increase by staking premium NFTs.

Our first 10 Partners and Member Benefits:

1. Butchershop – Creative Agency
Gain access to one of the top creative agencies of Silicon Valley

2. House of Rare – NFT Premium Liquor
Gain mint privileges and holder benefits from the HoR community

3. Z HOVAK – NFT Fashion & Art
Gain purchase discounts on NFTs, IRL Art, and Fashion items

4. MetaSill – NFT Frames
Gain exclusive discounts on the leading NFT Displays

5. ClubDeTrois – NFT Concierge Service
Gain exclusive discounts on luxury concierge services

6. ElfJuice – NFT/WEB3 sound design
Gain preferred access to sonic branding services

7. Zackgray – NFT music ownership
Gain mint privileges and holder benefits

8. Web3 Summits – NFT conference
Gain VIP upgrades to Web3Summit events

9. Karmanoia – IRL experiential event deisgn
Gain VIP treatment to all global Karmanio experiences

10. Vandals Union – NFT partner collection
Gain mint privileges and holder benefits

We always aim to deliver on our goals and transparently share how we progress. These are the key deliverables for the first two quarters of 2023.

Q1 2023
1. Deliver sell-out together with community, alpha groups, and strategic partners
2. Release all Player Token (Splits) to the access token owning wallets
3. Onboard Modernist to Swapbox for optimal swapping and trading of player token
4. Release first version of utility marketplace incl. staking benefits for holders via Layer C
5. Curate, vet, and onboard 10 new utility partners

Q2 2023
1. Release Stitchminting™ (Level 3) – Trade matching player token to claim VIP token
2. Release Raffle calendar, run first draws, release 1st rewards of the Reward Bank
3. Activate Modernist IP modules for the musical remixing layer
4. Release creator app with exclusive holder benefits
5. Vet and onboard 10 new utility partners


1. Founding Team
Our team is fully doxxed, well known within the entrepreneurial realm for shaping top brands, and very connected. Experience ranges from working with top global brands such as NIKE and Mercedes-Benz to top Web3 brands, such as BitBasel and Web3Summits.
2. KYC-verification
Members can KYC-verify themselves in the Club Discord with a direct member-to-founder call to gain additional rights and a verified trust badge, which allows for the community to grow beyond the core team and for all to take leadership roles at their own passion and curiosities.
3. Business Plan
Modernist is built along a comprehensive business plan and tokenomics that allow for optimized supply and demand regulation. The unique model is designed to drive long-term value for holders within the eco-system and for all to thrive financially.


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