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Mad Droids


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Project's Details:
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Pre-sale Date:

15 Dec 2022-03:00 pm (UTC)

Pre-sale Price:

Ξ(ETH): 0.05

Public Mint Date:

17 Dec 2022-03:00 pm (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

Ξ(ETH): 0.06

Maximum Supply:

10000 Total

Event Category:

  • mint

A great threat is among us, Mad Droids have already started taking over the planet. These malicious robots are ready to sabotage the new revolution and prevent the world from entering the Metaverse. Fortunately, the most talented developers have come from the future to prevent this from happening—keeping these Portals to the Metaverse open at all costs. This is where you come in…

What is Mad Droids?

Mad Droids is a social play-and-earn ecosystem incorporating AR (Augmented Reality) to create a deep, engaging gaming experience and collaborative outlet for the mainstream adoption of Web3 technology and access to the Metaverse.

Welcome to the Mad Droids Universe, an entire ecosystem focused on creating a positive social impact, while having fun and engaging simultaneously with your physical and digital reality. The cornerstone of this universe is the Mad Droids game, which utilizes AR (Augmented Reality) in ways that players interact with their local environments through their mobile devices anywhere around the world. Similar to how Pokémon Go™ works, players can use their smart phones to physically search for these Mad Droids in hopes to capture, collect, and earn.

10.000 Dev NFTs Mint Event!

The Developer NFTs will be released in different phases to ensure the game can continue to scale with its players at a healthy rate. The first phase will be the Genesis Developer NFTs, which is a limited edition release of the first 10,000 NFTs in the Mad Droids Universe. These are unique, voxel-based characters created by the Art Director, William Santacruz. The Developer NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.


Owners of these NFTs will initially receive the high resolution art and in the future, each NFT will come with its own 3d model and avatar that can be used in different digital environments like The Sandbox.

In addition to that, they will be able to enter the Beta of the game, which will be launched on the same day of the Mint Event.

Mint Phase:

The initial minting of these Genesis Developer NFTs are open to the public via Whitelisting. There will be 10,000 available to the public and the mint price is 0.05 ETH per NFT. After this sale, a public sale will be made, which will be for everyone and will be priced at 0.06 ETH. To learn more about the Whitelisting and how you can participate, join the Mad Droids Discord.
These NFTs can only be minted on the official MadDroids.io website and then traded on secondary marketplaces such as Opensea, LooksRare, X2Y2, Rarible, and future marketplaces such as Coinbase, Gamestop, among others.


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