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04 Nov 2022-04:00 pm (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): Free

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1000 Total

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  • Free Mints

Metacell Perks
Metacell Minting Stages
Phase 1 - Metacell 001–525
Metacells 526-1026 were offered to Bitkeep for a mega campaign/giveaway that will start during the last week of October! Stay tuned!
Phase 2 - Metacell 1027–1526
Phase 3 - Metacell 1527–2527
Phase 4 - Metacell 2528–3528
Phase 5 - Metacell 3529–4529
Phase 6 - Metacell 4530–6030
Phase 7 - Metacell 6031–7531
Let’s take this opportunity to go through some of these unique features and discover how they will benefit you!
1) Extra Metacell Mints (Table 1)
Many of you will be pleased to learn that owning a Metacell now provides you with a bigger wallet limit on future Metacell mints, meaning the earlier you minted, the more available mints per wallet you’ll receive on all 7 phases. See the table below for more info
Phase 1: 3 extra Mints per phase - Total: 19 – Supply: 500
Phase 2: 2 extra mints per phase - Total: 11 – Supply: 500
Phase 3: 1 extra mint per phase - Total: 5 – Supply: 1000
Phase 4: 1 extra mint per phase - Total: 4 – Supply: 1000
Phase 5: No Bonus - Supply: 1000
Phase 6: No Bonus - Supply: 1500
Phase 7: No Bonus - Supply: 1500
TOTAL SUPPLY: 7K (3,2K left for Campaigns)
2) Eligibility to $BIOMETA Airdrop
All Whitelisted members have a chance to receive BIOMETA airdrop, but to guarantee airdrop allocation you must own a Metacell or other MAD NFTs, the quantity of said allocation also increases based on the number of Metacells you own, the starting amount is $1000 BIOMETA with an increase of $100 for every Metacell you own.
3) Exclusive eligibility to $MAD airdrop
Eligibility to receive $MAD is only obtained by owning Metacells or other MAD NFTs, the voting powers, governance and amount are determined by the quantity and quality of NFTs you own, with MAD Metascientists providing the highest return and Nanocells providing the lowest returns
4) Weekly $BIOMETA payouts (Table 2)
Own Phase 1 Metacell 1–500
Own 1 Metacell - 10,000 Lambda per week
Own 5 Metacells - 20,000 Lambda per week
Own 10 Metacells - 30,000 Lambda per week
Own 30 Metacells - 40,000 Lambda per week
Own 50 Metacells - 50,000 Lambda per week
Own Phase 2 Metacell 501–1000
Own 1 Metacell - 5k Lambda per week
Own 5 Metacells - 10k Lambda per week
Own 10 Metacells - 15k Lambda per week
Own 30 Metacells - 20k Lambda per week
Own 50 Metacells - 25k Lambda per week
Own Phase 3 Metacell 1001–2000
Own 1 Metacell - 2.5k Lambda per week
Own 5 Metacells - 5k Lambda per week
Own 10 Metacells - 7.5k Lambda per week
Own 30 Metacells - 10k Lambda per week
Own 50 Metacells - 12k Lambda per week
Own Phase 4 Metacell 2001–3000
Own 1 Metacell - 1k Lambda per week
Own 5 Metacells - 2k Lambda per week
Own 10 Metacells - 3k Lambda per week
Own 30 Metacells - 4k Lambda per week
Own 50 Metacells - 5k Lambda per week
100k Lambda = 100 BIOMETA
FYI: MAD Metascientists get their own separate payout, Metacells are additional payments, more coming on that soon!
5) Exclusive access to Early Access Beta Testing
This one is pretty straightforward. Only those who own a Metacell from Phase 1 or 2 will be invited to be Beta Testers for The Lab & Nano Wars, allowing our OGs early access to the game and Lab features, including the opportunity to start evolving and mutating your Metacells before anyone else.
6) Exclusive access to MAD Metascientists Pre-Sale
Want to get first dibs on your own MAD protagonist? Owning a Metacell will guarantee access to the MAD Metascientist pre-sale and provide the relevant Discord roles, those who already have these roles will still be given access to the pre-sale regardless of whether or not they own a Metacell
7) Exclusive access to MAD Metacell Owners channel
The only way to get full access to the MAD Discord will be by owning a Metacell or other MAD NFT, this includes all P2E, Shop, Games and Chat channels within MAD, further access to the VIP channels can also be obtained by owning Metacell 001–500
8) Access to WL spots from collabs
Owning a Phase 1 Metacell will give you access to guaranteed WL spots from any MAD collabs (minimum 50 spots) meaning you get exclusive access to some of the biggest upcoming projects!
9) Discount on LANDs for MAD Metaverse
Owning a Metacell or MAD Metascientist provides discounts on future LAND collections released by MAD, the more Metacells and other MAD NFTs you own, the bigger the discount/mints per wallet that can be obtained, owning a Metacell now will allow you to continue reaping the benefits for years to come!
10) Exclusive Floor Sweep Giveaways
MAD will be actively sweeping floor NFTs on some of your favourite projects! And as a little extra bonus, we’ll be giving away some of these NFTs to MAD NFT holders! These giveaways will be hosted on the MAD Discord and restricted to holders. That’s some good odds for those early adopters!
Phase 3 Whitelist
Phase 3 of the MAD Metacell Free Mint has now started! But not to worry if you already own a Metacell, you’ll be automatically added so there’s no need to keep jumping through hoops!
Phase 3 Metacell Minting will start on the 21st of October at 12:00 UTC!

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