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29 Aug 2022-10:00 am (UTC)

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Mammoth Pepe NFT
The series NFT was released by Michael J. Wilson! Mammoth Pepe is inspired by mammoth Manny in the ice age. After artistic processing, mammoth Pepe based on Web3 is launched.
Designer Anthony Daniels is a close friend of Michael J. Wilson for many years. He is a serious NFT enthusiast and holds many boring ape NFTs. Based on his interests, both parties decide to do something in the field of metaverse. One afternoon a month ago, when they met in India, they were inspired and decided to recreate the mammoth in the ice age as the FPS head.
Michael J. Wilson wants to use Web3 to create a screenplay with mammoth as the theme, which is a beginning from the release of NFT.
Extinct Mammoth
Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), also known as Mammoth (mammoth), is an animal that adapts to the cold climate in the phylum chordate, vertebrate subphyllum, Mammalia, true animal subphylum, rhinoceros, true rhinoceros, elephant family and mammoth genus. It used to be one of the largest elephants in the world and one of the largest mammals that have ever lived on land. Among them, the grassland mammoth weighs up to 12 tons. It is a giant in the ice age.
Funding the cloning of mammoths
Michael J. Wilson is an enthusiastic paleontologist. He is cooperating with Mark Hamill, Professor of the Department of paleontology at Yale University, and is carrying out a research called “resurrecting paleontology”, which uses the most advanced gene editing technology to resurrect paleontology. Resurrecting mammoth is one of its ambitious plans. The funds from this NFT issue will also be donated to the Mark Hamill paleontology Laboratory of Yale University
Mammoth metaverse
Blockchain technology has gradually brought Web3 into reality. As the first NFT image of the metaverse, the mammoth Pepe is of great significance. Michael J. Wilson and Anthony Daniels plan to create more NFT universes based on the ice age.
matters needing attention:
1. We have published the list of wallets on the white list. Please click the “see all registered Wallets” button on the right after the registration is successful.
2. The white list winners will be higher than the total issuance
3. The white list cannot guarantee 100% distribution, which depends on your coinage speed!
4. If the white list fails to complete the sales, it will be sold by public mint
5. If you retweet our premint page, you will be sure to join the white list and ensure the allocation!
NFT name:Mammoth Pepe
Total: 3333
Single Max Mint:4
Whitelist Mint Price:0.009E
Whitelist Mint Time:2022-8-29 10:00 UTC
Website: http://MammothPepe .xyz


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