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13 Jan 2023-11:00 pm (UTC)

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14 Jan 2023-12:00 pm (UTC)

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Marsleaders is a new beginning in a Virtual World, where nothing is impossible much like in real life and even more. We introduce you to a whole new planet of opportunities, offering alternative space for the venture, entertainment, enterprise, and virtual life. Marsleaders is a game of fiction, however, success in this game directly converts to rewards in real life for NFT holders on Earth. We are building a parallel universe on Mars, where every Earth country (all 195 of them) will start off with red soil land and representatives. In the first season, each country will have 50 citizens and 1 president.

⟢ The first season will be held in Discord, where countries join in for a competition. Citizens and presidents of five leading countries in the competition leaderboard will receive their share of the prize pool of $500 000. Countries earn points for the leaderboard based on how well they handle given weekly tasks.

⟢ The second season will be held in the Marsleaders game with its currency coin. MarsCoin can be obtained from different activities in the game. (Businesses, Jobs, Crimes etc.)

:Emoji1: Game Description

⟢ MarsLeaders is a life simulation game, where the action is unfolded on a newly “habitable” red planet. On virtual Mars, players will be able to obtain various roles with different privileges in a game, where presidents rule in accordance with their citizens’ needs and preferences, and citizens themselves contribute to their community by succeeding in the given competition challenges

This reality roleplay game is giving us, humanity an opportunity to start over and base a new virtual civilization on Mars where reality is ours to seize, where we have the freedom to establish our own laws and rules on how to earn more money while having fun.

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