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11 Feb 2023-02:03 am (UTC)

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In the 28th century, resources of our home planet diminished rapidly, forcing the governments of earth to form a collective space program to look at potential planets that were suitable for humans to live on – this program became to be known as ARC. A large number of ARC ships were prepared for launch, each with over a hundred thousand humans as they aimed to enter the selected planets. One of the selected planets was Arcron. Although abundant, Arcron’s environment was harsher than anticipated and decimated a significant portion of the humans, many who were integral for the upkeep of the technology. The remaining went back to the dark ages, with their technology lost and their superstitions in the unknown growing.

Over subsequent generations, technology had been deemed to be the ultimate source of damnation. A subsect of humans still interested in the value of progress were banished. These humans were the forefather of the Imperialists. After exhaustive efforts they found the most valuable commodity in Arcron -leuminite- spearheading a new industrial age.

The Imperialists quickly became the dominant force on the planet with leuminite, ruling with an iron fist. Hungry for more, they aspired to create an advanced sentient multi-role machine capable of mass extraction and the ability to tame the harsh environment – thus the Maximus project began.

The upper echelon of the imperialist society embarked on creating this being into existence by merging the sentient souls into cutting-edge technology. Factions emerged from these efforts. There were loyalists, the original masters of the idea, but as they strived to mold spirits with steel, some diverged and lost themselves in the power.


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