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11 Jan 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.1

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Battle for the Safezone:
Register to be notified of Level 3 and the start of the Mint Event!
During Level 3 the fastest (and smartest) riddle solvers will win a WL spot for one of the most anticipated projects of the year.

Because the mint and Level 3 basically start at the same time, those who solve it and get WL will be able to mint right away.

On top, those who register on this Premint could be one of the winners of the 25 guaranteed WL spots we are giving away.

Mint Schedule:
333x Public Mint – The public mint will be put forward for first so as many people gather for our mint event as possible. Lot of projects start with Whitelist which means that only the whitelisted people show up and by the time the public mint starts the floor drops due to the lack of volume = the public mint doesn’t go that well. (or the whitelist doesn’t even mint out)
2500x (max) WL + Level 3 – This part will be the main sight of our mint event. Called Battle for the Safezone the tens of thousands of excited riddle solvers will be fighting their way into the Safezone through Level 3. We will have a unique live aspect to Level 3 that will make it near impossible to cheat and gonna make it a whole lot more exciting.
After people solved the riddle their wallet address will be added to the contract and they will be able to mint. Obviously speed is going to be the name of the game. The thing is, there is stark difference between someone who can solve it within 20 minutes vs someone who would try going at it for 5 hours. Unfortunately the latter won’t be able to get in.
500x OG WL Mint – After the public and WL mint our OG-s will be able to mint. We wanted to proceed with the OG-s next because they are the most likely to hold as the project’s core community and this is the safest position for them to mint from.

The event is gonna be stressful and emotions are going to be hurt.

Not everyone can get in.

Only the best Survivors.

Others had to spend dozens of hours to figure their way through our riddles to be able to finally get in the Safezone and secure their WL spot.
Now you have the chance to get WL just by signing up for our raffle.

If you don’t want to solely rely on your luck you can still try to solve our 3 levels of riddles and get your WL spot that way.
Start solving the riddles by clicking here.

Good luck Survivors!

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