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Welcome to the MetaCity Game!

MetaCity, a bustling tropical metropolis (think Gotham meets Miami) where every inhabitant, from the smallest to the largest, fights to be on top. A Defi gaming-world of great cities, where CityZens work, Rats steal, but all earn!!

From staking, educating & upgrading, owning, locking, and burning, the team at MetaCity Game has delivered something special. Once minted, your avatar’s identity in the game is immediately revealed. Will you be a CityZen, who gets educated to work for his hard earned $CITY? Or a CityRat, who earns $CITY by taxing and stealing? Your MetaCity Game path starts now.

The MetaCity Game runs on $CITY token. Each of the 5 cities within our world will be allocated X $CITY/month through the game token vault. This number will be algorithmically & constantly split, by users working, taxing, earning, and traveling around cities.

Trait level

The Trait multiplier is, at first, based off your basic level. The higher the intrinsic level your avatar is, the higher the multiplier. The University, located in city 3, gives you the ability to grow from your intrinsic basic trait level. You can be a City Share Owner is the name for a powerful CityZen. Educating your Zen’s and buying exclusive shop items, are what unlock this character.

CityRats or “Rats”, are the arch-nemesis of the working CityZens. Lurking within cities, waiting for CityZens to arrive, then striking, hungry for all the $CITY they can steal. Within each city, there will be playable minigames!

This aspect of Metacity is still being built out, however, we plan on working diligently toward it following the release of the MetaCity Game P2E protocols. The type of games the MetaCity team plans on working to achieve span from an imposter-type game to casino-card games and more! Risking $CITY for more $CITY in our everlasting ecosystem!


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