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21 Jan 2023-02:39 pm (UTC)

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The first NFT Set dedicated towards Charity and Health
MetaRaft is dedicated to giving a helping hand to people in need of medical aid and helping people pay their daunting medical bills.
**Mint price is equivalent to $200 – Mint price on Premint may vary upon price of ETH going up and down – this will be updated on February 17th, 2023**
How does MetaRaft incentivize NFT Holders?
MetaRaft is a unique NFT project where NFT buyers will have a 1/4 chance to win up to $100,000 USDC

Out of the 10,000 NFTs sold every month, there will be 2,500 winners. The breakdown is as follows:
2,000 NFT owners gifted with $250 USDC
400 NFT owners gifted with $500 USDC
100 NFT owners gifted with $1,000 USDC
10 NFT owners gifted with $10,000 USDC

AND the big grand prize Every Single Month of 1 NFT owner gifted with $100,000 USDC
Why was MetaRaft created?
At 3 years of age, Antonio (The family behind MetaRaft) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. There experience with Antonio’s diagnosis is the entire reason Gustavo and Elvia decided to create MetaRaft – to help other families who weren’t as fortunate as them to pay their medical bills.
What is the purpose of MetaRaft?
The main purpose of MetaRaft is to help fund Bill Me Foundation Org, a non-profit organization with a passion and purpose to help families in need.
How will we know our money is being put to good use?
MetaRaft has partnered with @mdmotivator on Instagram to help video the families who receive money from the non-profit organization. These video’s will be shared with the whole entire community, so you can see that the money you put into MetaRaft is going great places ❤️

MetaRaft will also be 100% transparent with where the money is being used, and the amount that has been spent on families in need. The purpose of MetaRaft is to have 25% of proceeds go to Bill Me Foundation Org to help families in need.
How much is a MetaRaft NFT?
A MetaRaft NFT will only cost $200 (translated to ETH every month).
Every user will be allowed to mint up to 20 MetaRaft NFTs every month.
What happens if I don’t win during the monthly gift?
If you don’t win, you will automatically be entered into our end of the year gift of $1,000,000 USDC (Starting 2023). All individuals who have purchased a MetaRaft NFT, and didn’t win a prize will immediately be entered into this gift. The more NFT’s you own, the higher your chances of winning $1,000,000 USDC

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