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A general visualization of the formation of the Metarooks world.
All scientific predictions regarding the future of Earth indicate that Earth and every other planet will one day perish. Therefore, scientists are constantly striving to provide alternative habitats for humanity. As a result, finding an alternative to Earth is necessary to preserve our futures.
On the other hand, we will witness the emergence of artificial intelligence, whose progress will be so rapid and extensive in all directions that life without it will become impossible. It is possible that AI will surpass humans and diverge from humans towards the galaxies to explore the universe.
With the emergence of biological science, humans will have the ability to create pseudo-humans, or find an alternative body for humans. They will first replace the brain with a new body, which will lead to prolonging human life and, in a sense, human beings will become immortal. In a more distant future, humans will copy human information from the brain and DNA and transfer it to a new body.
This is where another challenge arises, which is the transcendent human or bodyless being or physics-free. If we put this information into a robot, human imagination will go beyond the transformation into a cyborg. If we put this information into the internet environment, humans can go everywhere as energy and data, and humans will find a new place to live.
Now let’s look at the subject from the previous discussion where we combined AI, which makes the internet environment its habitat, with the transcendent human: This is where superhumans or super intelligent AI come into existence. Now combine these superhumans with the Metarooks. This life can take shape anywhere and does not require staying on Earth. They can crystallize around the Earth or adapt to other planets and galaxies.
This is why we have started to think about constructing a world to provide the foundations of future human habitats that we all know as “Metarooks”.


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