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Pre-sale Date:

07 May 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

Pre-sale Price:

SOL: 0.3

Public Mint Date:

08 May 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

SOL: 0.75

Maximum Supply:

500 Total

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  • NFT Launch
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Did you ever was cheated by some project on NFT World?
We created as first project our “Scam Alert” which help you avoid the scams.
Our APPs are free during beta tests.

**MINT DATE – 07 – 08 MAY!** :fire:
DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY, to join WL before it’s still available.

About MiniLands

We are involved in 2 projects!
First – Apps which allow analysis of whole collections on marketplaces with good signals for buy/sell and with scam alerts improved by scam adviser company. We are the first project which warns you about scams in the NFT world on the Solana blockchain! We developed APP for Solanart and Magic Eden Marketplaces.

Main Page 2

We have there:
Silver Access cards to the Solanart APP
Purple Access cards to the Magic Eden APP
Gold Access cards which allow you to get into all our APPs (to already exist and future apps).

Some cards are already listed on Solsea so cach yours before they are gone!
We plan get into all marketplaces based on Solana blockchain :fire:

Access Cards:

Our second and main project is MiniLands Metaverse project which allows you to enter into virtual reality on your own island. Each island will be marked with its own avatar, they will look the same and it will depend on the user how he wants to arrange it.
We already listed 20 Minilands from 50 and half of them were sold already.
If you dream about having your own land on metaverse check out MiniLands on Solsea.

MiniLands Collection:

**We already have 500  WL Spots.**

The WL are involved in all giveaways :gift:  on the disord channel and have less prices for Access Cards to the APP.


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