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Ξ(ETH): -

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30 Aug 2022-04:00 pm (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): Free

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  • Free Mints

An NFT collection about time, you get the exact timestamp of the mint when minting an item. The timestamps are categorised by their minute value, so there are 60 categories from 0 to 59. The mint will end after each category has at least one item. So we do not know how many will be the exact supply the community will decide this based on when minting out the item from the last category. Two facts are guaranteed there will be at least 60 items and the last item category will only contain one item.
Mint phases
Allowlist mint in the first hour* is reserved, everyone on the list will have a guaranteed spot to mint a minute. Minutes in categories are ordered by when their mint time, so people on this list will have lower numbers in the categorise. Also since the limited spots, there will be no gas war everyone could pick their favourite mint and mint it at the right moment to get it.**
Public mint starts after the allowlist mint and lasts till every category has at least one item. (In theory, allowlist members could mint out all of the 60 categories, but since this would require a highly coordinated effort we think there will be a public phase.)
Most important info
price: FREE mint
chain: ETH
mint process: allowlist + public mint
supply: 60 or more

The project has no official discord, every important information will be published on twitter.
* Technically the 100% guarantee is valid for the first 59 minutes and not for the entire hour since every category could be minted out in 59minutes and 1 second.
** You can and probably should time your mint based on what minute you want, but be aware the transaction processing time will be the minted timestamp and submission time.

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