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22 Dec 2022-11:00 am (UTC)

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Official raffle for the MinxieVerse NFT mint happening on 12/22/2022!

Minxie is a blockchain-based social media platform that offers creators multiple options for direct monetization including an NFT marketplace. Our mission is to address issues experienced by artists and creators who are currently stuck on Web2 platforms. Although the platform was designed for creators of all categories, we are not afraid to point out that we especially solve problems for those in marginalized and underserved categories such as cannabis, adult, and crypto, who are often spending their time recovering deactivated accounts and combating major disruptions in their visibility via algorithms and shadowbanning.
As a sign of appreciation to the people who have been following us for the past 12 months, Minxie has taken the concept of the PFP and coupled it with access and prizes with additional utility attached to different levels of rarity. At the base level all holders of the MinxieVerse Pass (MVP) NFT will gain early access to the platforms and exclusive giveaways attached to real-world items people will actually want – and the prizes, rewards, and IRL opportunities multiply for those who unlock characters with the specified rare traits.
Our MVP NFT, the MinxieVerse Pass NFT, is your first opportunity to participate in the Minxie Ecosystem, gain early access to the Content Monetization Platform, as well as receive a $GOOD transactional token to be airdropped to MinxieVerse Pass holders at the time of the snapshot which the Minxie Team will announce in Q1 2023.
Our original MVP NFT Whitelist of 1,500 participants has already been filled due to partnerships with prominent NFT collections such as Alpacadabraz, Blvck, Moonbirds Dynasty, PGodjira, AlphaSharksNFT, the Habibiz, as well upcoming ones with collections such as Doodles, Alpha Birds, TastyBonesNFT and others.
The Minxie Team is now hosting an additional Pre-Mint, after digging into our Team Reserves for those who wish to join the Minxie Ecosystem after its public launch in Q1 2023. We hope you will join us on this journey and be a part of building a better future for content creators…
Website: https://www.minxie.io/
Pre-Sale Waitlist: https://www.minxie.io/mvpnft
NFT Mint Page: https://minxieverse.com
NFT Roadmap: https://info.minxie.io/NFTRoadmap
NFT Tiers: https://minxieofficial.medium.com/minxie-nfts-tiers-perks-access-6e3b4589fb2b
Minting Roadmap: https://minxieofficial.medium.com/mvp-nfts-the-mint-date-the-whitelist-the-waitlist-e2c883ea762b
Discord: https://discord.gg/minxie
Instagram: https://instagram.com/minxieofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/minxieofficial

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