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15 Feb 2023-09:03 pm (UTC)

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“The sky was dark and overcast, with ominous clouds hanging low in the air. Suddenly, a bright light appeared on the horizon, growing larger and brighter as it approached. The light turned out to be more than a dozen of UFOs, their metallic bodies glinting in the dim light.”

“As the UFOs got closer, it became clear that they were going to crash into the water. The sound of their engines was deafening, and the water beneath them boiled and frothed as they hit the surface. The UFOs splashed down, sending huge waves rolling out in all directions.

As the waves receded, the UFOs could be seen floating on the surface of the water.”

“As people watched in awe, the UFOs began to connect and transform. Their bodies opened up, revealing a variety of structures inside. Metallic surfaces stretched out, forming lands. Buildings and streets appeared, along with parks and gardens. The UFOs have formed a small city on the water’s surface.”

From then on, 5 kilometers from the Hog Bay, Bermuda, the “Area 69”, occupying approximate 200 square kilometers on the sea, made up of 20 UFOs, was established.


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