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25 Jul 2022-03:30 pm (UTC)

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Total Supply: 5,555 Pillosophers NFTs
Phase 1 Drop: Whitelist ONLY (🚨 FREE MINT 🚨)
βœ… Free Mint βœ… Rodamap βœ… Utilities βœ… Dope Art βœ… Amazing Community βœ… Website βœ… Discord
It all started with a pill πŸ’Š !
But not an ordinary one. Not the ones that make you high or treat your cold. We’re talking about something entirely different, unique. A pill that takes you to a place that everyone thinks perhaps only a VR headset or a high-tech contact lens could take you. The place that many are hyped about. Create or purchase virtual avatars for it to flex, speculate how it will be and how it will change our future. The place that everyone calls METAVERSE.
On the quest to find answers to what Metaverse looks like, what are all these hypes about, and why some spend hundreds of thousands buying an avatar for it. A group of cool tech nerds went searching day and night, and one day on their journey of finding all these answers, they came across a Pill called “Metapill”, and they took it without hesitation.
The Metapill transformed their lives and took them straight to a new world full of possibilities, equality, and opportunities. The place was magical; it was like nothing they had seen before. It was too perfect that it was almost unreal. So they decided to conclude that this is the Metaverse they were looking for, they shared their discovery, and many joined them to experience the Metaverse. So they created a community called “Pillhub” with common goals, and they called themselves Pillosophers!

Are you ready to take the πŸ’Š?
Chapter 1: Pillosophers, The Unique High Fashion Avatars!
3rd quarter, 2022
Pillosophers are unique, cool, and fashion-forward. They are all rare, but some are more. For now, they all have found METAPILL, the key to their Metaverse, PILLHUB. Look for the hidden codes encoded to your characters to gain exclusive access to our future special utilities and rewards!
Chapter 2: What happens when Pillosophers take the other pills?
4th quarter, 2022
Each pill has its own side effects. The pills could genetically modify your Pillosopher; it could turn them into anything, unknown creatures, night demons, sinners, or even the fallen angels. All three pills are limited, but some are ultra-limited. So only a few who believe in the power of the pills and the beauty of the possibilities each pill can unlock for them will ever get to experience what their Pillosopher will turn into.
So stay tuned for the side effects to kick in!
3D baby!
2nd quarter, 2023
Shortly after, the 2D Pillosophers find their way home; we will drop 3D Pillosophers to thank our early supporters and token holders. for believing in us by awarding the majority with the 3D versions of their Pillosophers
Metaverse? Pillhub?

Our main goal is to eventually create a sustainable ecosystem around Pillosophers and build a sanctuary for every Pillosophers to hang out, relax, share ideas, connect and come to support one another. Thus, Pillhub is the first Metaverse lounge where all Pillosophers have access to and are welcome anytime. We aim to amplify our member’s experience in the Metaverse by leveraging the computer-generated environment.


As a member of the Pillosophers family, not only do you have exclusive access to the first and the coolest lounge in the Metaverse. But you also have exclusive access to all future Pillosophers offerings, along with the ability to play a unique role in shaping the growth and trajectory of the project.
Bridging the digital and physical world!

We know you have probably tired of reading under the “utilities” section of almost all the NFT projects out there promising they will come up with their own unique physical merchandise from streetwear to toys and accessories. However, we believe, and probably you do too, that this is not an ideal utility for the community as they are the only ones paying for it. Thus, our priority is to design and distribute high-quality and ultra-limited masterpieces and collectibles by collaborating with talented artists within the community and potentially well-known brands to reward Pillosophers.
* You will need to connect your ETH wallet to the PREMINT site, but this is only to register for WL, it is not a blockchain transaction and will not incur a gas fee.

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