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Duty Cats focuses on user benefit and community. It is a web3 social club with member-only applications and special events.

Benefit of Duty Cats NFT

-> $102,000 Mint Award As we mentioned above, for those who come across NFTs included in the bounty, we will bid and buy at OpenSea after the NFT reveal.

-> Free downloadable digital comics. It will be distributed free of charge after the reveal. (Gas fee only)

-> DutyBox : When access to the box is opened, 10 people will win at random among those who open the box. The type of reward depends entirely on luck(USD, Crypto, Ticket, NFT). These awards are only given to NFT holders. In this way, competition and excitement will arise among NFT owners.

-> DutyCity : Daily or weekly tips will appear at designated points on the map. Owners will sometimes know the future by following clues. Sometimes they will discover a reward path. The city is open to cats only at first. The Duty Dogs and Duty Rats mentioned in the comic will then appear and connect to the city. It is the premium membership class of cats. Each cat group has different advantages than the others.

-> Earn with us Participate and win Events, Giveaways, Surprises with our unique apps.

-> Own All Commercial Rights All rights are now yours when you purchase Duty Cats NFT. Whether you use it in ads, sell it or have it as your profile picture!

Mint Reward

When you randomly mint Duty Cats NFT on Mint day, we give you the special DC screen you see above for a short time. When the time comes, the Duty Cats hidden behind the screens will reveal themselves! Catch the pirate and 0659. Encounter Detectives and Cops. EARN great prizes!

You will earn $15.000 when you buy a random Duty Cats NFT and encounter 0659.
You will earn $15.000 when you buy a random Duty Cats NFT and encounter Pirate.
You will earn $4.500 when you buy a random Duty Cats NFT and encounter Detective.
You will earn $1.500 when you buy a random Duty Cats NFT and encounter Police.

When Duty Cats appear, we will purchase the NFTs included in the prize by bidding on Opensea.


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