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29 Sep 2022-11:36 am (UTC)

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10000 Total

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Way back in 2005, Pxlbots creator and designer Jared Benson began designing robots, pecking them out pixel by pixel. He revisited and refreshed the project for years, developing factions, lore, and eventually turning Pxlbots into limited edition art prints, physical stickers, temporary tattoos, and more.
In 2021, Jared and fellow creator/engineer Cahlan Sharp set out to create the Pxlverse, a place where the Pxlbot lore can exist. Joining forces, they’ve created an expansive game and NFT collection that takes place in a vast network of 1 million starbases in space (aka “The Pxlverse”.)
The resulting collection on Ethereum offers 10,000 unique Pxlbots, divided across 6 distinct factions and 21 bot classes. Each one is a collection itself, with distinct parts, rarities and other surprises. Rarity traits translate directly into game attributes and advantages. To learn more about the advantages/disadvantages of each faction, see our Medium article.
If you stake your Ethereum Pxlbot, your Pxlbot will generate SCIONS, or copies, for players on Polygon to play the game and earn PXL. Staked Pxlbots collect passive tribute in PXL from players using their Pxlbot Scions.
Every Ethereum Pxlbot also has the option to claim their “First Lieutenant,” a perfect Scion of their original, giving the owner the ability to play with full attributes on Polygon. Additional Pxlbot Scions carry reduced attributes.
Player on Polygon can mint a Pxlbot Scion to play. In our first release, “Enter the Pxlverse,” players travel through the Pxlverse, taking on missions to earn PXL bounty, interacting with other players and customizing their Pxlbots.
Drop 01 — Terra batch 1
Drop 02 — Terra batch 2
Drop 03 — BotBorn
Drop 04 — Exterminators
Drop 05 — OVNI
Drop 06 — Veblen
Drop 07 — The BE

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