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15 Aug 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

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RPC, Random Panda Club is a place that people seeking their dreams come true in web3.0. We are black and white, we are cool and nice, we are assertive and modest. Most important of all, we are not people defined by others, but ourselves.
One step at a time, RPC will reveal a grand world to everyone. Our collection is much more than just PFP, but also a series of awe-inspiring new world waiting for you to explore. We welcome everyone to chase your dream in PandaVerse and build a world together and live together.
About ERC721P
721 Panda(721P) is a protocol developed by PandaDAO based on ERC721.
ERC721P offers three key innovations:
1. NFT can be swapped for $Panda tokens at anytime, while each $Panda token will be backed by 0.005 USD through the smart contract, and keep the floor price afloat at all times.
2. Reborn mechanism to solve aesthetic fatigue. If you are not satisfied with your NFTs anymore, you could exchange your item with any NFT inside our liquidity pool randomly by paying some transaction fee. Blue-chip NFTs are expected in version 2.0!
3. Half of the transaction fees generated by interacting with the contract will be put back into the backing pool. This way, the backing price of our NFT will grow higher endlessly.
Raffle FAQ
Q: Can I move out ETH from my wallet after registration?
A: Yes. But do not register multiple times with the same wallet address, or you will be disqualified.
Q: I entered multiple raffles. Can I win and mint multiple Random Panda Club NFTs?
A: No, you can only win once and mint max 1 per wallet.
Q: What is the mint price of RPC NFT?
A: Whitelist mint price: 50000 $Panda
Public sale price:
Pay with ETH: 0.2-0.4 ETH, final price will be confirmed on the mint day
Pay with $Panda: 60,000 $Panda
Q: $PANDA contract address is (Ethereum)?
A: 0x3cBb7f5d7499Af626026E96a2f05df806F2200DC
Q: When is the mint date for RPC NFT?
August 10th: Opensea 1/1-PandaKing auction
August 15th: Whitelist mint : http://www.rpc.club/
August 16th: Public sale : http://www.rpc.club/

Q: When will my RPC NFT be revealed?
A: 3-5 days after public sale
Q: How many NFTs can I mint for each whitelist? How many NFTs can I mint on each wallet address during public sale?
A: Whitelist: One NFT for each whitelist Public sale: Maximum 10 for each address

Q: Does having one whitelist guarantee I would get one NFT?
A: The earliest batch of 1,000 whitelists were given out to holders of associated projects unilaterally by PandaDAO, rather than the bilateral cooperation model we’re using now. We expect at least a portion of these WL holders to not know about RPC. After careful deliberation, with the goal of distributing whitelists to people that are truly interested in Random Panda Club, we have decided to issue 20% more WL on top of the initial number. When WL mint is open, please take this into account and mint as early as possible.

Q: What do you plan to do with the remaining NFT that aren’t minted after public sale?
A: If the remaining quantity is equal to or less than 2,000, we will increase the cost of swapping, and lock all of the remaining NFT in the liquidity pool. If the remaining quantity is more than 2,000, we will lock 2,000 in the liquidity pool, and the rest will be saved for future marketing campaigns.

Q: What is the promotion plan after mint?
A: We have done a lot of preparation on different platform. In the mean time, we will expand our collaboration with top communities, KOLs, and celebrities. Lots of NFT events and NFT creation collaborations will also be held very soon.

Q: When will the NFT Swap/Reborn features be available?
A: Same time when we reveal the NFT collection. Experience the features at: rpc.club

Q: What is the estimated time for 721P 2.0?
A: Between the end of September to October.

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