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02 Nov 2022-12:00 pm (UTC)

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5555 Total

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SHOUNEN is a project that aims to encompass all forms of love, fun, and idyllic life. Via web3 technology, we’re looking to expand SHOUNEN into the genres of social simulation, or Iyashikei (癒し系)¹, and to create a socially interactive space akin to Animal Crossing, and HABBO.
SHOUNEN will attempt to become a space that involves EVERYONE. Our grand plans for The Village will be eventually a mini-world of its own, and it will include large scale projects like concerts, fan-meetings, rallies, and entertainment events. Even events such as company get-togethers are potentials due to the customizability of the space. We will also cater to small scale projects or events such as birthday parties, get-togethers, anniversaries and the works. The possibilities are endless as the randomly generated terrain of SHOUNEN will allow for players (who decide to buy extra land – think of it as an “expansion ticket”) to continuously create spaces, either personal or communal for everyone to enjoy.
SHOUNEN’s game world will also work on currencies. Most in-game transactions will take place using the SHN Token which will be developed later on in SHOUNEN’s lifespan (after the NFTs). This allows for the constant regulation of the market in-game and in real life as platforms start to offer SHN Tokens in exchange for FIAT or other cryptocurrencies. Tradeable equipment, furniture, and fashion pieces in-game are something we foresee in the game’s development. There is potential to also include collaboration items with big brands, like Adidas or with celebrities that want to co-design assets.
The NFTs will be essentially their ticket into the world of SHN and The Village, and they have an option to be able to dress up like their NFTs in-game. As such, the entire SHOUNEN system will be a coherent, game-focused and community-focused project, designed to bring people of all ages and all denominations together to further the future of Web3 gaming and community.
In this space, thereafter known as The Village , you will be able to:
Customize Spaces
— By this, we mean that as a playable Shounen character, you are able to purchase slots of land and housing and, using the assets provided to you, or created by the community, create communal and personal areas. Interesting events such as competitions, debates, and discussions can be held in such areas. We want YOU, as a member of SHOUNEN, to be able to create spaces for yourself.
Design Furniture and Assets
— As we suggested, housing and communal spaces will play a large part in your time in SHOUNEN. To spice up your experience, you will be able to customize and design community assets. Of course, this will be subject to approval, but we hope this initiative allows for increased involvement.
Interact and Play
— The SHOUNEN Universe will become a life apart from life, and a home away from home. If you’re the type of person to spend most of your waking hours on the online space (like many of us here at SHOUNEN are), then the Universe will be a spot where you can chill. Be it AFK-ing, interacting with friends at strangers in community-made coffee shops, taking up a fake, part-time job, or even watching a film in-game, the SHOUNEN Universe is life, in pixel form. We hope to even expand the Universe to include events like idol meetups, birthday parties, forums, and even educational venues for those pesky online classes you may have. The Universe is boundless.
TOMO Genesis Transformation -> SHOUNEN PFP
Supply: 3,778 + 1,777 TOMO Genesis
Mint Date: TBA (mostlikely end of Oct)
Mint Price: TBA

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