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Smash Marbles


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Project's Details:
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Pre-sale Date:

18 Nov 2022-02:00 pm (UTC)

Pre-sale Price:

Ξ(ETH): 0.04

Public Mint Date:

21 Nov 2022-02:00 pm (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

Ξ(ETH): 0.05

Maximum Supply:

8800 Total

Event Category:

  • NFT Drop

Smash Marbles Arena is a P&E Multigames Platform with games for everyone’s taste.

Two collections packed with utility for an ecosystem with Inhouse P&E Games, from external Game devs and other NFT Game Projects. Win-Win for everybody involved.

The Smash Marbles are Avatars to be used in all our games readily equipped with their weapons. In addition only Smash Marbles come with the participation Ticket to our Bearmarket Tournaments.

Entertainment and fun during the Bearmarket:
Until the launch of the Platform we hold tournaments for holders. A little extra 👉For our Smash Marble NFT holders we start by hosting the biggest online Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship of all time with a Prize Pool of 100 ETH💰!!!

Smash Marbles Arena, lets you compile high scores and rankings on your own player page. A platform with exciting skill based Gaming experiences and most essentially an amazingly profitable reward system.


8.800 Smash Marbles NFT Collection:
– Ticket for our interactive Championships (Prizepool over 100 ETH)
– PfP with 300+ Traits
– 1:1 playable in-game Avatar for SMA games
– Rent your Hero
– Daily Airdrops of ingame token after implementation
→ With a Smash Marble

500 Arenas NFT Collection:
– Grants 1-3 Smash Marbles to claim for free during Public Sale
– Host games and earn entrance fees (automatically/passive)
– Daily Airdrops of ingame token after implementation
– OG Status and right to vote
– Customizable to stand out in the P&E Platform


We love the strong community building aspect of the NFT space, so we knew we wanted to build more than just a game but enable people to connect. So our Multi Game platform came to mind, this was reinforced by the memory of minigame websites from the early 2000’s that we spent a bunch of time on. You log in, choose either a fighting, racing or other games and just start playing. We will of course develop and put the idea to the limit, but this is basically the first inception. Creating a hub for gamers, game devs and other NFT gaming projects. An ecosystem that everyone that’s involved, will benefit from.


⭐ 2022
Quarter 3

・SMA Whitepaper release — 📄
・Website Online — 🌐
・Presale: Arenas — 🚀

Quarter 4

・WL and Public Sale: Smash Marbles — 🔮
・Smash Marbles Championships starts! — 🪨 📃 ✂️
・Champions crowned — 👑
・Second season — 🔥

⭐ 2023
Quarter 1

・Game Preview — 🎥
・SMA Token Smart Contract — 🤝
・Token IDO — 🪙

Quarter 2

・Arena accessible ‘Enter the Marbleverse’ — 🕹️
・SMA Closed Beta — ⚔️

Quarter 3

・SMA 1st game on PC — 🎮
・Gamemodes added (1v1, 3v3, Battle Royale) — 🚨
・VIP Tournaments start — 🏆

Quarter 4

・SMA releases on iOS & Android — 📱
・2nd & 3rd Games — 🎮


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