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20 Jun 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.05

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21 Jun 2022-12:00 am (UTC)

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Ξ(ETH): 0.06

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333 Total

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  • NFT Launch
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It was the year 2855; the humanity and the alien civilizations, after eliminating all types of discrimination, have coexisted peacefully on earth for hundreds of years now. Unfortunately, we did not know that these happy years would remain only a distant memory for us.

That day the sun suddenly disappeared, the first thought for us was a solar eclipse, but as soon as we looked up, a giant ship had taken the place of the sky.

For a few seconds there was just an unreal silence, followed by a siren that caused general panic.

The reason for the invasion was immediately clear for us: those bastards wanted the secret recipe, which if fallen into their hands would bring tremendous power to the army, obviously we wouldn’t have given it to them at any cost. From this event, the extermination of humanity began: an unequal struggle, which brought our species to the brink of extinction.

We could not resist any longer; we pooled our last strength in a desperate attempt to escape. The survivors built an ark, the glorious Starf*cker, with the double function of cradle for our species, and container to protect the legendary and fearsome recipe.

The ark would hibernate 333 elite soldiers, known as the “Starfighters”, and travel for hundreds of years, in silence, hoping to escape the enemy and find a new home.

We set out under the eyes of the enemy, and it must be said, the Starf*cker was pure speed, designed with an engine that alone comprises 75% of the entire ship.

Today, after only 207 days of hibernation and a seemingly peaceful journey, we are suddenly waking up one after the other, no one knows why, we haven’t found a home and we are still not far enough from the enemy. Someone suspects that a spy is infiltrated in the ship, which may have given indications of our location to those bastards!

Only one thing is certain, the tremendous “pineapple pizza” recipe cannot absolutely fall into the wrong hands…


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