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5,555 Random Programmatically generated NFT Lions living on the Polygon Network. The purpose of SWAGGYLions Club is to create a self-sustaining rewards ecosystem. This ecosystem represents the ability to grow passively in the new creative economy. Our goal is to continue to rapidly build the best quality platforms and apps needed for SWAGGYLions Club to provide the best rewards. The lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring and the rules are being rewritten. SwaggyLions Club is our most ambitious mission yet, the beginning to a self-sustaining ecosystem for our community of lions.

**“A silent wave building a tsunami, who cares about floors when you have rewards.”**

Why Join Swaggy Lions Club?
We believe that blockchain technology & smart contracts have the potential to do much more, and we intend to push the boundaries of innovation.
We aim to bring as many people as possible on the journey of discovery of the potential of NFTs. Instead of creating an ‘exclusive’ club with a high barrier to entry, we aim to create an inclusive & positive environment for newcomers in the NFT space.
We thrive to bring utility to digital ownership, and to pursue opportunities to connect the digital space with physical.
We aim to create a community that collectively makes an impact, along with a community managed company & roadmap of each project within SWAGGYLions NFT.
Community ownership in SWAGGYLions NFT allows for a new type of ecosystem which the world has yet to explore.


SANDBOX: Purchase a plot of land via sandbox.game; to develop Sandbox in-game activities that will allow you to earn and stake $SAND while you complete activities and “PLAY2EARN”. The SANDBOX Platform is also built around the Polygon Network via their staking platform for $SAND. https://www.sandbox.game/en/

Live Mining Rewards: For every 10 SWAGGYLions Club NFT Tokens held, you will receive rewards equivalent to 10% of our miner rewards for that month. “A monthly snapshot will be taken before rewards distribution and applied to screen for display for Holders with 10+ SWAGGYLions Club NFT. Each Rig consists of 12 GPU Super Miners ranging from lows of 1660s, mids of 2060s, to highs of 3090s.

Our Community Wallet: will go live with an agreed upon deposit to start it up! With this wallet we will be able to purchase Blue Chip NFTs, develop projects or voted upon content and applications.

The Development of $SWAGGYz: in which those who a minimum hold 3 SWAGGYLions Club NFT Tokens will receive an airdrop of $SWAGGYz tokens into their wallets in which the NFTs are held.

Active Staking Rewards: You will be able to deposit your NFTs (Leaving your wallet) in order to stake them for a period of time and earn $SWAGGYz tokens daily. You can use these tokens to purchase Whitelist Spots in other projects, NFTs, and Merch or exchange on https://quickswap.exchange !

A 3D Collection: for holders only will be developed and airdropped for free to all holders of 3 SWAGGYLions CLub NFTs or more.

Exclusive Streetwear: collaboration with www.houseofkings.co to create the SLC Streetwear Line for holders only that can be purchased with the $SWAGGYz you earned or by holding 10 or more SWAGGYLions Club to receive a swag bag for free.


We rise together.
We build together.
We grow together.

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